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  1. ahmeds2000x

    Happy birthday to Dylan

    Happy birthday man! It might be worth mentioning now that I've lurked FIF enough to find out that we share some common views on cheap beer!:)
  2. ahmeds2000x

    Roberto Mancini

    Wait.. doesn't that mean that Sarri is his type?
  3. ahmeds2000x

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Typing from my Phone and still half asleep can make it hard to express ones thoughts correctly I guess.
  4. ahmeds2000x

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    That's what I meant, sorry if I phrased my post wrongly, by obliged, I merely meant that Real would be obliged to accept Tottenham's offer first, and then it's up to the player of course to agree personal terms with Tottenham, and if that doesn't happen, Real are free to sell to the other side...
  5. ahmeds2000x

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    I agree with you, people are belidving it too easily. But I just read the leaked bale transfer contract, which I doubt to be legit, and it said that Tottenham just have the right of first refusal, which is like Browha already said, that if Tottenham matches an offer from a PL side that Real...
  6. ahmeds2000x

    Napoli - Inter (Coppa Italia) (19 Jan 16) [0-2]

    I wonder how our players feel, about coming out of an impressive win against an in form side that's sitting on top of table, whom we've lost against to seeing our coach rampage at the end and steal the headlines next morning..
  7. ahmeds2000x

    Spanish La Liga 2015/2016

    I think what monster09 meant, was that Real and Atletico have more time now, so even if they make an appeal 6 months is long enough to turn the appeal down, but Barca managed to get some leeway that summer because the ruling came only 2 months before the transfer window and because of that the...
  8. ahmeds2000x

    2015/2016 Forwards Rumour Thread

    Why not just skip Serie B and C completely and just go shop right away in D the real talent factory.
  9. ahmeds2000x

    English Premier League 2015/2016

    Meh, fuck a Yaya Tour. I think he's an amazing player, but Aubameyang fully deserves this award. He shouldn't even talk about last year's African cup with the shameful referring involved. Tunisia's last game comes to mind. I've watched almost all games from last year's cup, and as an African I...
  10. ahmeds2000x

    Spanish La Liga 2015/2016

    What an intense game, Valencia missed a two vs the goal keeper chance, and the empty net rebound, and bale missed the counter chance.
  11. ahmeds2000x

    Spanish La Liga 2015/2016

    Kovacic red card, really stupid tackle.
  12. ahmeds2000x

    2015/2016 Forwards Rumour Thread

    I'm almost sure that Pizarro was only loaned and not bought, which changes things a bit.
  13. ahmeds2000x

    Stats and Facts about Inter

    I don't use either Facebook or Twitter, so posting here would be great if it's not too much to ask. :)
  14. ahmeds2000x

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    I'm neither a Shaqiri fanboy or a hater, that was some amazing skill with the ball, and it's the kind of thing I'd always enjoy watching when it's not my team playing, simply because from a non aesthetic point view it's a lost chance that could've been used better was it simpler played(assuming...
  15. ahmeds2000x

    The Italian Topic

    I had a 2 months streak learning German from Duolingo, and I did it for a couple more months, then I went to Germany and took a course, and to be honest it was as if I only wasted time with it, I think there are probably better ways to do it at home, specially how some of the grammer was wrong...
  16. ahmeds2000x

    Italian Serie A 2015/2016

    Florenzi has been played more as a full back than in the midfield since last season.
  17. ahmeds2000x

    Italian Serie A 2015/2016

    No even If Milan win the Coppa and don't qualify by the table, it will still be only six teams in europe, and that means sixth place will not reach the Europa qualifications round. If the two finalists from the Coppa are between the first position and the fifth (qualification to europe) sixth...
  18. ahmeds2000x

    The Pimp fappening, 14 year old MVP

    I was trying really hard not come to that conclusion..
  19. ahmeds2000x

    The Pimp fappening, 14 year old MVP

    This reminds me that I gotta back a lot of pictures to my computer and delete them from my phone, so I don't have to be suspicious every time I wanna show someone a picture on my phone.
  20. ahmeds2000x

    Torino - Inter (8 Nov 15) [0-1]

    Cameraman is the most entertaining player of the match! :proud: