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    Denzel Dumfries

    This would be great. I’m very salty in hindsight that we didn’t get Bellanova over Buchanan last season, which would’ve given us a good replacement looking at the performance of Bellanova, but Di Lorenzo more than makes up for it.
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    Yann Sommer

    Scandalously enough, he didn’t win the thing, and there was no nomination for MVP. Sometimes Serie A drives me crazy man. There is no sane reason to not vote Sommer the undisputedly best keeper of this season.
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    2023/2024 Defenders Rumours Thread

    Nacho played a total of 2940 minutes this season in one of the top 3 clubs in Europe. He would do just fine here if he came as a rotating option. His experience in Spain doesn’t matter, what matters is that he is experienced as hell in champions league. Though I would also prefer someone like...
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    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Yes, for example if we are ready to spend 40mio., Frimpong would be available at that sum. Although my favorite one considering all dynamics would be Di Lorenzo.
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    Davide Frattesi

    We have to try this guy at RWB at least once in pre season. He has the lungs, body, precision, and this unique skill of getting into the mix for a goal. Imagine Dimarco setting him up all the time.
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    Mehdi Taremi

    He had a mess of a season as he was injured, at the Asian Cup, and excluded multiple times because of the contract situation. I expect him to contribute 15 G+A
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    German Bundesliga 2023/2024

    Would be a great game to watch. Stuttgart - if managed properly this summer - are my dark horse for next season. Guirassy and Undav are just sick.
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    Serie A Calcio Mercato, Summer 2024-25

    Bad news if true. Conceicao is very competitive and can do big things with a bit of budget in my opinion.
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    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Dodi could work, he’s actually similar to Thuram in terms of playing style (obviously not quality). Should’ve gone for him last season though, after he relegated with Hertha. If Sassuolo doesn’t manage to stay up I would try for Pinamonti. We need someone homegrown to have our squad become...
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    Denzel Dumfries

    I really don’t mind us having him leave if the price is right. This season we conceded five goals out of 19 because of his mistake in communication, positioning or build up play, so couldn’t really bother if we sold him even if he offers obvious qualities physically. I wish we try for Di...
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    Mattia Zanotti

    Big expectations here, I hope he won’t be sold. He already struck me in his cameos with us having some good runs and the right tenacity for a professional player. Could be a long term solution for the right flank.
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    German Bundesliga 2023/2024

    Man Stuttgart shows what a united and concentrated team with a clear system can do regardless the names. Only goes to show that real teams can overcome any individual brillance if set up systematically.
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    2023/2024 Goalkeepers Rumours Thread

    I’ve only watched Beto against England and therefore cannot judge fully, but he gave me Alisson vibes.
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    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    Conceicao on the rumor mill now. This is a coach I would actually not enjoy to see there. He is one tough mofo to deal with.
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    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    Really didn’t pay off for him to go to PSG.
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    So let’s see - as of now the squad will look like this (excluding sales): ——————————————————— - Sommer, X - Pavard, Bisseck, Acerbi, De Vrij, Bastoni, X - Dumfries, Buchanan, Darmian, Dimarco, Augusto - Calhanoglu, Asllani, Barella, Frattesi, Zielinski, Mkhitariyan - Lautaro, Thuram, Arnautovic...
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    Tajon Buchanan

    Popped up on my mind today… I think we should have rather gone for Bellanova. So much upside for the same price, and I think he would had a fair chance considering the dumfries situation.
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    Simone Inzaghi

    I disagree here. We can definitely agree on Simone’s Inter >> Conte‘s Inter as we have been playing the best football since I‘ve been watching Inter actually. Even through treble we were not this dominant. Certainly that season looks crazy after it happened, but there were many lucky lucky...
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    Valentín Carboni

    Even though I like this fella I’d sell him for 30mln. €. It’s a mass of money for someone not proved at all. I’d take that and pour it into Guirassy (20mln. Release clause). He is exactly the type of striker we need in order to become invincible.
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    Benjamin Pavard

    Definitely MVP today. Benji le Tackler.