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  1. Fitzy

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    Juve fans singing "chi non sera" in this stadium, when they should've been sent to Serie D.
  2. Fitzy

    English Premier League 2023/2024

    This dude is fuckin good. I don't watch enough football apart from Inter these days to notice. He's always making lines for the ball. Always thinking.
  3. Fitzy

    Nerazzurro Down Under

    "All Stars"
  4. Fitzy

    Serie B

    Great spot in the world! Happy to see Como back.
  5. Fitzy

    Marcus Thuram

    When Marcus is happy, I'm happy.
  6. Fitzy

    Tajon Buchanan

    To be fair, Dimarco pops up on the right a lot. 😁
  7. Fitzy


    Just like FIFA.
  8. Fitzy


    Caligula's Horse last Friday night, Tesseract last night. Not a bad way to end both weeks.
  9. Fitzy

    The bullshit thread

    Welcome to the family.
  10. Fitzy

    Simone Inzaghi

    Or give him M'Bappe :lol: My argument remains.
  11. Fitzy

    Simone Inzaghi

    My argument: Give Inzaghi an M'Bappe.
  12. Fitzy

    Inter - Torino (28 Apr 24) [2-0]

    Ya jokin'.
  13. Fitzy

    Inter - Torino (28 Apr 24) [2-0]

    Beautiful scenes at the stadium. Give Inzaghi 10 years!
  14. Fitzy

    Inter - Torino (28 Apr 24) [2-0]

    Female ref hasn't been TOO bad.
  15. Fitzy

    Inter - Torino (28 Apr 24) [2-0]

    Female referee makin her mark on the game.
  16. Fitzy

    Denzel Dumfries

    Actually, that's the sort of post Dumfries deserves. Just trying to make a way through... I'll shut up now.
  17. Fitzy

    Denzel Dumfries

    Rocky Ridge just released a beer called "Riwaka Amped", a few weeks ago. Very good. Free shipping throughout Australia if you sign up. I wouldn't be surprised if they shipped free worldwide. Anyway, shut-up Fitz.
  18. Fitzy

    Denzel Dumfries

    According to Untappd. I have around 2000 favorites :lol:
  19. Fitzy

    Luiz Nazario Ronaldo Da Lima

    When I made the post, I assumed Vieri was in :lol:
  20. Fitzy

    Denzel Dumfries

    Nope :pazzini: