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  1. Grujinho

    2023/2024 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Sending Asllani on a season long loan is probably the best thing we can do for his development...he will surely get the minutes he needs, while he would spent most of the season on the bench if he stayed with us...especially now that Sensi will get another chance to prove himself
  2. Grujinho

    Benjamin Pavard

    Thank you Lukaku and Samardzic for making this possible. Forza Benji!
  3. Grujinho

    Romelu Lukaku

    Does this mean Conte to Juventus soon?
  4. Grujinho

    Romelu Lukaku

    Not only that...People forget that we also took a 275m€ loan from Oaktree, that needs to be repaid in 3 yrs or something like yeah, it will take us a while to recover.
  5. Grujinho

    Romelu Lukaku

    He is gone 100%...Chelsea and Inter only need to agree on the price...knowing Inter, we will not get anything near 130m€...probably something like 110m€ max with some bonuses included
  6. Grujinho

    Antonio Conte

    Its over...move this thread to former players and coaches :(
  7. Grujinho

    Inter's Financial Situation

    This is it, banter era is coming back....we will be battling for TOP 4 next season alongside Napoli, Roma and Lazio...
  8. Grujinho

    Inter's Financial Situation

    I really hope i'm wrong, but i think that this will not end well. And by that i dont mean that Inter will fall apart, but at the minimum i hope that our team stays the same, but based on all the information i think that we will at least need to sell 1-2 star players...and if Conte leaves as...
  9. Grujinho

    Christian Eriksen

    van de beek would be perfect for us, but i doubt Man Utd would let him go after just few months
  10. Grujinho

    2020/2021 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    WTF!! Did Milan really got him on loan with OPTION to buy. :alone: Good job Conte. Kolarov, Darmian and Cornelius are the players we need. What a disaster...
  11. Grujinho

    Mauro Icardi

    We did not cave. 13m€ for 1-year loan and 50 + 7 in bonuses = 70m€
  12. Grujinho

    2019/2020 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    with these 2 coming it probably means that vecino, valero and gagliardini are not going to play for inter next season. Vidal, Barella, Tonali, Brozović, Sensi and Eriksen...this is a proper midfield
  13. Grujinho


    Forever Mamba R.I.P. Kobe <3
  14. Grujinho

    Cristiano Biraghi

    Home grown, athletic, great shot, solid at defending and without a doubt an upgrade over Dalbert. Solid signing.
  15. Grujinho

    Alexis Sanchez

    Good signing that gives us ability to switch to 3-4-3 formation like Conte did at Chelsea (Hazard-Costa-Pedro) -> Politano - Lukaku - Sanchez That's probably why Politano is out of Fiorentina (biraghi) deal
  16. Grujinho

    2019/2020 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Forlan thinks so as well :einstein: In reality there's less than 0,1% chance that this happens...
  17. Grujinho

    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    I think i know what point you're trying to make but we shouldn't generalize work-ethic and attitude just like said that those 5 players you mentioned are exceptions but there are plenty more... Savicevic, Stankovic, Mijatovic, Mihajlovic, Savic, Tadic, Ivanovic, Salihamidzic...
  18. Grujinho

    Italian Serie A 2018/2019

    I have only one question...milan were threaten to be thrown out of Europa League because of FFP and then in January they go and invest 70m€ for Paqueta and Piatek (both great signings). How's that possible?
  19. Grujinho

    Italian Serie A 2018/2019

    Cancelo > D'Ambrosio + Asamoah + Vrsaljko + Dalbert
  20. Grujinho

    Italian Serie A 2018/2019

    Watching Cancelo at Juventus is stuff right from nightmares..i rarely watched their games (except when they play against us), but now i cant watch their games even if i try...he is really unique RB, especially in Serie A fuck this cockroaches, fuck them all