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  1. Luka

    Beppe Marotta

    Well deserved my boy. Well deserved. Keep rockin. Man, that brings back memories all the way back to the beginning when I was so so happy when we brought him despite so many people having the oposite notion. I instantly knew what that meant for us. Ending this kindergarden we had till then and...
  2. Luka

    Inter's Financial Situation

    First of all, let me just say I'm not attacking you. From your responses it doesn't seem like you've taken that that way, but I just wanted to be sure. Now to the issue. I know all the ups and downs, the money wasted etc. If it would have been "no ffp" agenda since 2010, then I would...
  3. Luka

    Inter's Financial Situation

    No top club can do that. It's impossible. You will be happy if we get 5 out of 8 transfers right. Those players are bound to happen for any team. As to the other financial part, that would be understandable if it was pre 2010. Again, for the past 10 years we see lesser mercari activity overall...
  4. Luka

    Inter's Financial Situation

    That's absolutely insane. Not what you've written, but this state which you presented accurately. You're right that this is how it looks on the outside and how it is presented. But the insane part is that this is exactly what I keep hearing all the way from 2010. Increase revenue and decrease...
  5. Luka

    Inter's Financial Situation

    Times like this makes me wanna quit supporting any sports club altogether and just focus on nationalities. Seriously. It's not about sales or financial troubles, but rather about keeping things in the dark. We have no clue what's going on. None. There is no "Finances" tab on Inter's website...
  6. Luka

    The Suning Commerce Group

    Hopefully we will find a way to keep going and climbing that ladder. We are missing so little, but the Chinese government and pandemic hurt us bad. Just our luck. But maybe someway, we will be able to progress, although in slower pace. In any case, thank you Zhangs.
  7. Luka

    Antonio Conte

    Not much time lately with 2 month daughter, but can't omit such ocasion to say thank you mister, for your dedication and holding to your guns through all this shit that was thrown at you over those 2 years, most totally undeserving. Fantastic coach. Has his flaws, but which coach or human being...
  8. Luka

    Beppe Marotta

    I'm very proud now, not out of vanity that this above came true, but because me being right here meant that Inter is getting to it's rightful place and that's the only thing that matters. Not being right, but Inter to go back to the top again :proud::proud::proud: Like I've mentioned 2 years...
  9. Luka

    Lazio - Inter (4 Oct 20) [1-1]

    I see the cryfest already begun. I'm looking forward to same people hiding in their caves after the match, if it happens to be that we win comfortably. #inb4n4l
  10. Luka

    Milan Škriniar

    I will just say the same pesimism was here against the decision to bring Lukaku last year. One dimmensional, too expensive, no technique and all that. After a phenomenal season like he and we had, I'd wish people would be smarter this time around. Wishful thinking.
  11. Luka

    Roberto Gagliardini

    Gags gets shitted on by some even after being praised by literally all the Italian papers, even the anti Inter ones. It was clearly a very good game by gags. This forum is like no other.
  12. Luka

    Marcelo Brozović

    You guys have to make up your mind. Either Eriksen gets too few chances, or he is a waste for us and not reliable. Brozo and Eriksen won't go both. It's either, and I think it's rather Brozo on the out, as again let's just look at Brozos positon. We got nobody as his sub when we let Valero go...
  13. Luka

    Matteo Darmian

    With such low expectations, I'm expecting big things from him now :)
  14. Luka

    Milan Škriniar

    Hakimi and Bastoni say hello. Lautaro also is no veteran. Conte wants balance, not 35 average first team age.
  15. Luka

    Milan Škriniar

    If there is a chance of selling with decent money and where we can still reinforce the team, it's a no brainier. If we can't as there is not enough time it would most likely hinder our season, although that's not certain. On the other hand we might not get the same deal in January / next summer...
  16. Luka

    2020/2021 Defenders Rumours Thread

    But we have a world class coach. Lets see what happens. Last year was something that makes me at ease for now.
  17. Luka

    UEFA Champions League 2020/2021

    Wanted group B when I saw real and shahktar and we got it. Happy about the draw, didn't play real for a long time. Also good match to remind everybody Inter is on the uprise. I think we will do very well :). Not going out of this group, even by 1 point definitely would be a failure.
  18. Luka

    Italian Serie A 2020/2021

    Gasp cannot handle a big club with such a huge pressure as Inter. That's why he is still coaching Atalanta. The guy is perfect there. If he goes out to CL semis he is God to them. For us, it would be just another season where Inter SHOULD be. If he looses there to Dinamo 0:4, they say he had a...
  19. Luka

    Lazio - Inter (4 Oct 20) [1-1]

    No way Barella will not start. Gags had great game, but it still doesn't change the pecking order. The only way Gags starts is if Vidal will not be as well as we expect. I would say Eriksen will start again in front of them. Then Lukaku Lautaro upfront. Lautaro for sure, and I doubt Lukaku will...