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  1. xthetap

    Torino - Inter (21 Oct 23) [0-3]

    Aberdeen count as highlands? :ROFLMAO:
  2. xthetap

    Torino - Inter (21 Oct 23) [0-3]

    There's a red alert for weather where I am this weekend, so hopefully my last Inter game will be a win :ROFLMAO:. its been a pleasure
  3. xthetap

    Inter Jerseys

    I actually don't think its terrible, unfortunately, I come from a part of the world where that colour has quite a negative stigma associated with it. So I definitely won't be purchasing it or rocking with it.
  4. xthetap

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    I don't think people truly comprehend that Roma is a small diddy club, that just happens to have a sizable following. The fans know it as well, hence the pharaonic welcome for Lukaku
  5. xthetap

    Davide Frattesi

    Hopefully, although when I read Sensi I get sad thinking about what could've been :(
  6. xthetap

    Euro 2024 Qualifiers

    Got hospitality for Scotland-Georgia tomorrow at Hampden. Should be fun.
  7. xthetap

    Milan - Inter (10 May 23) [ UCL Semifinal G1 ] [0-2]

    Hope everyone's got their respirators ready. I'm absolutely bricking it.
  8. xthetap

    Inter - Benfica (19 Apr 23) [3-3]

    Some buzz around Milan today... many Benfica and Inter fans around the city. Raging I'm going to miss the game tho cause I'm flying. gutted.
  9. xthetap

    Television [STRICTLY NO SPOILERS!]

    Just finished Better Call Saul. Amazing loved it. Undecided whether to start the Sopranos or The Wire now tho...
  10. xthetap

    Inter - Fiorentina (1 Apr 23) [0-1]

    Never realised Fiorentina won their last 5
  11. xthetap

    Inter - Juventus (19 Mar 23) [0-1]

    Yes exactly, I'd like to add the desperate final assault that invariably leads to nothing. With perhaps a centre-back being put as a striker just like in the good old days with Ranocchia.
  12. xthetap

    Spezia - Inter (10 Mar 23) [2-1]

    Hahahahahaha it definetly is, although I do support it.
  13. xthetap

    New Inter Logo

    God that looks awful. Ever since the badge changed all the designs have gone to shit, except for a couple of kits.
  14. xthetap

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Just read on OneFootball that Simeone would be in talks with Inter to join the summer, that would be lovely in my opinion, he's been saying for years that he will manage Inter one day. Next season might just be the right time.
  15. xthetap

    Nicolò Zaniolo

    What's the deal with that? how much do we stand to gain?
  16. xthetap

    Coppa Italia 2022/2023

    Milanista diventi pazzo!!!!
  17. xthetap


    Currently in Berlin, any good recommendations for bars/clubs for a good piss up? Happy New year everyone. Amala
  18. xthetap

    Atalanta - Inter (13 Nov 22) [2-3]

    Players? shit me too!
  19. xthetap

    Simone Inzaghi

    Bit early for that I'd say, plus better to have these slumps in form now than later on in the season when it really starts to count, I think we can overcome the gap in points soon enough especially if we can keep this form up.
  20. xthetap

    Fiorentina - Inter (22 Oct 22) [3-4]

    I still have nightmares from that 5-4 loss a few years ago. That Handanovic "dive but somehow remains still" + Babacar combo still haunts me