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  1. Vic

    More joy for Serie A or CL?

    My exact sentiments
  2. Vic

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    LOL. Took the hook line and sinker!
  3. Vic

    Hector Cuper

    Capello is the only resonable replacement for Mou, we can't risk too much.
  4. Vic

    Inter - Bayern Munich (22 May 10)

    ARRRG. Can't wait!!
  5. Vic

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    This may be the interview that interrupted the half time analyses or that replay. Mou gotta love him.
  6. Vic

    Champions League 2009/2010

    You said it first mate!
  7. Vic

    Inter - Chelsea (24 Feb 10)

    the thing is we need him to produce now in order to remin in the comp
  8. Vic

    Parma - Inter (10 Feb 10)

    I am not worried about this result, if anything the defence was sloppy specially in the second half. I guess Matrix was injured, also guys do not forget Sneijder was missing! We reach different levels with him.
  9. Vic

    Inter - Fiorentina (Coppa Italia) (3 Feb 10)

    I want the double, I want the scudetto and the CI champions badge on the shirt next year!! (Apparently if you win 10 Coppa's you get a special badge, not sure if it true but I atleast want to see us get it in my life time).
  10. Vic

    Inter Jerseys 2009/2010

    Thanks mate. I finally got my centenary Jersey did not get it last year coz they did not have my size but its on its way now!! Luckily since it was my b'day recently I had 20 euro coupon so the jersey ended up costing me 50 euro.
  11. Vic

    What would you change in Inter history if you could?

    To me that is a no brainer. I'd change 5th of May that collapse reallty hunted us. My most memorable moment was when we won the coppa italia finally breaking the duck of any trophies since the UEFA cup. I know at that point our team was inconsistent in the league and calciopoli had not...
  12. Vic

    Inter - Milan (24 Jan 10)

    ...Unfortunately I do not read Italaian so hopefully someone can help me out here. I liked his video of the Inter - Siena game too he is funny! ******++++********** Ancora legge nerazzurra sul derby della Madonnina, con l'Inter che ha fatto sua anche la stracittadina di ritorno con la metà...
  13. Vic

    Inter - Juventus (Coppa Italia) (28 Jan 10)

    The feeling I have os for a close encounter here. Juve will be motivated just for the sake of playing us ... then again we have the character to strike them should a surprise occur at the end of the day it is a Derby.
  14. Vic

    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    Got to enjoy Jose's sarcasm with the press. Mourinho was asked to comment on the growing transfer rumours that Inter will sign either Didier Drogba or Diego Milito in the summer. Which would he prefer? “I don’t know Milito, whereas I am Drogba’s friend and spent three and a half years with him...
  15. Vic

    Inter - Man Utd (24 Feb 09)

    My 2 cents, I think this game was a weird one, at least to me as I have not had the opportunity to watch many Inter games this season. In the first half we appeared to play with 9 men. Muntari could not do a thing right, whether it was a pass, a cross or a tackle he just ran without sense...
  16. Vic

    Inter - Roma (27 Feb 08)

    I guess one could argue we have forgotten how to keep the ball as we got used to playing with ten men. Which in turn meant we had to be compact at the back.
  17. Vic

    Inter - Roma (27 Feb 08)

    I am actually expecting a defeat aswell. We have not managed to impose our physical stnace and hold the ball and after the pool and doria games, expecting to win this is proving quite a task. Since I am expecting a deafeat I do fear how log we can stay top aswell. In the end lets hope the boys...
  18. Vic

    Liverpool - Inter (19 Feb 08)

    ...followed by injuries. Diego was just a name thrown out of the hat. I do agree we did not have the appropiate attituide to the game and it costs us as we could not stop the pressure on our defence which helped the ref be fooled in the end. I am a dreamer even if it hurts! *Wearing the INTER...
  19. Vic

    Inter - Liverpool (11 Mar 08)

    That why I asked azzkir if he just started following the team. He really seems to be a glory hunter. We must wait until the second leg!
  20. Vic

    Liverpool - Inter (19 Feb 08)

    I agree with Hal, I think our midfiled is great we just need a Diego, or someone to hold the ball. Capitano can not do it all by himself! Gosh I hate the arrogange from the pool supporters!