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  1. SB9Dragon

    Fiorentina - Inter (9 Sep 06)

    Will definately be a tough match as Fiorentina are no pushover. Though I'm confident in the side, and I'm really excited about our 4-3-1-2 formation with Figo behind the strikers. I think we'll win it 3-1. Scoring 2 of our goals in the 2nd half. I'm hoping Adriano actually scores. Though I feel...
  2. SB9Dragon

    RIP Giacinto Facchetti

    Very sad. I'm shocked that he has passed away. He will surely be missed. I think retiring the number 3 in his honor is the least the club can do for a wonderful man who did so much. Interista through and through.
  3. SB9Dragon

    Inter - AC Milan - Juventus (Tim Trophy) (31 Aug 06)

    I would like to see these 2 lineups tried out (I'm not so sure if anyones injured or not).... Against Milan --------------Adriano--------Crespo --------------------Luis Figo ------Cesar--------Dacourt-----P. Vieira ---Maxwell-----Samuel----Materazzi----Maicon...
  4. SB9Dragon

    Christian Vieri

    So sad. So very sad. Talk about his career going to crap after leaving us huh? I still think to our benefit.
  5. SB9Dragon

    Inter - Roma (SuperCoppa Italia) (26 Aug 06)

    Fantastic comeback by the men in black and blue. Feels great for the boys to win the Supercoppa. Especially doing it in style, while showing the 4-4-2 isn't as effective as my favorite formation, the 4-3-1-2. I really feel this is the start of one hell of a memorable season for the side. BTW...
  6. SB9Dragon

    Obafemi Akinwunmi "Oba" Martins

    Good luck to Oba. Who knows? Maybe he'll end up back here in the future, cuse I know that he'll become a superstar onthe world stage. Or atleast one of the top strikers in Europe. I'll check out newcastle matches occasionally too. Now I guess FSC will actually serve some purpose lol.
  7. SB9Dragon

    What tactic should Mancini use?

    I'm convinced, the formation ni my sig is the one we should stick to for the season, the 4-3-1-2. Our squad is made for it, and who knwos? When Figo gets tired of dominating teams then he can step in and shine his shoes so Figo can keep on playing. :P Seriously though, Chino could be useful if...
  8. SB9Dragon

    Inter - Napoli - Juventus (Trofeo Birra Moretti) (11 Aug 06)

    After todays game I'm even happier we got Zlatan and Crespo. Even makes me wonder if we should have dished Adriano out for the 100 mil when we had the chance. I sure as hell hope my faith in Crespo and Zlatan pushing him to get back on form works because Adriano is no where near his best, and he...
  9. SB9Dragon

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    ROFLMAO. :lol: :howler: :dielaugh: Great one Tim. :star: Early candidate for post of the year anyone? :rules:
  10. SB9Dragon

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Adding Ibra has only cast an even bigger cloud over who will start and what formation we will actually use. I still want a 4-3-3 though...
  11. SB9Dragon

    Toni, Trezeguet or Ibrahimovic?

    LOL, aye. Hopefully the better man won. :rules: :D And of course, the better man winning can only be to our benefit, much more than his. :P
  12. SB9Dragon

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Consider the post you quoted unbiased, non-related to my personal view of the matter. :D Because I personally don't want to see Adriano leave, especially with us finally getting players that can challenge his spot, which I hope will in turn cause him to put more effort in on the field, and...
  13. SB9Dragon

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    I can't believe we actually signed Zlatan. I'm shocked as hell. Crespo & Zlatan in the same damn week? If this club can come together and truly gel for once, I truly think we can rise to be the best damn team in Europe, period. Move over Barca. Though it will take a hell of a lot to accomplish...
  14. SB9Dragon

    Maicon Douglas Sisenando

    Maicon was pretty successful with Monaco, so I'm hoping for the best here. I think he will do great, though I am sorta biased towards Brazilians. Nice to see him called up by Dunga. Hopefully Maicon quickly gets used to the Italian game, and I think his speed will be very helpful against some of...
  15. SB9Dragon

    Patrick Vieira

    I would say he should opt for the #30 shirt, but uh... that's taken. :D And I doubt that it will be vacated soon (even with these Tottenham rumors and all...)
  16. SB9Dragon

    Kily González

    Finally we let Kily go.... I wonder what LW is next? Cesar? Solari? Or will they stay... hmmm...
  17. SB9Dragon

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    I like my take on having 3 in the middle. Where either Pizarro or Stankovic can play behind the front 3.
  18. SB9Dragon

    Why do Internazionale wear black & blue?

    I like that "looked up in the sky, saw black and blue and yellow stars" explanation to our colors. Poetic. I like that. FORZA INTER :star:
  19. SB9Dragon

    What if there was no Inter!? Who would you support in Italian football?

    If there had been no Inter? I would probably have been a die hard Parma fan. When Crespo and Veron were playing great on that Parma squad in the late 90's, when Parma was actually a force to be reckoned with, I definately liked to see them play. But I'm guesing my "affiliation" would have...
  20. SB9Dragon

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Adriano? Yeah, but I think it has been his downfall mainly because there is no toehr dominant CF who is taking all the attention away from him. For Adriano to be at his best, he has to have a CF player, like Toni, who in turn lets Adriano have more space to operate, especially with his powerful...