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  1. tonyloo

    Inter - Atalanta (12 Mar 17) [7-1]

    Gasperini has our number no doubt.
  2. tonyloo

    Mario Balotelli

    So his contract is unti
  3. tonyloo

    Inter - Chelsea (24 Feb 10)

    I bet you didnt rate him when he did this either. Please. Suck my dick.
  4. tonyloo

    Chievo - Inter (6 Jan 10)

    AHHHHHHHHH FUCK! Sure we'll do gooood!!!
  5. tonyloo

    Wesley Sneijder

    He OK!!!!
  6. tonyloo

    Antonio Cassano

    How about alittle objevtivity? Milito is more clinical, without a doubt. But who will serve him? Ibra is not here anymore remember? Will it be Stankovic or fantasy Sneijde or Deco?
  7. tonyloo

    Antonio Cassano

    No. They're better because they have Ibra and Messi up there. Henry versus Cassano is hard, what if Cassano hasnt trained in 2 days? It happens, Henry is a 100% pro. There's a difference between great and fucking awesome.
  8. tonyloo

    Antonio Cassano

    What will this guy do if he get's to know Moratti? Will he become motivated to prove his REAL potential? I doubt it, he'll emulate Adriano and Balotelli. He'll be happy when the big money keeps flowing in and keep himself at a decent level but far from the world beating level he/they can be at...
  9. tonyloo

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Huntelaar is the new Gilardino. Without Kaká..
  10. tonyloo

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Gerrard has failed in the national team and the Premier League when it mattered. I know it might be tough for an Interista to understand what I'm saying here. But try to think outside your narrowminded Inter thoughts. Gerrard's objective has always been the Premier League, not the Champions...
  11. tonyloo

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Of course the deal is amazing on paper. If we use the millions we get the right way we'll get alot better. In reality I doubt we will. We might get Cassano. That wont be enough though. Cassano will be thrilled to get a Moratti paycheck and continue being the person he is today, probably worse...
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    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Totti managed to get a weaker team to win in a league just as tough as PL at the time with a team alot smaller. Totti is a choker according to the english. What is Gerrard? The best midfielder in the world or someone who hasnt quite proven himself?
  14. tonyloo

    Ricardo Quaresma

    Has there been any sign of improvement?
  15. tonyloo

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Im just questioning Gerrard's title as the undisputed big game player of the world. He has the same shitty stats, maybe even worse, as Ronaldo had against the big teams in England. Why isnt he mocked like Ronaldo was? Until he proves himself in the league and wins a Championship like Ronaldo did...
  16. tonyloo

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    I'm sorry. But isnt Gerrard the drunkard who's scoring record against other teams in "the big four" makes C.Ronaldos stats against the same teams look amazing? Wasnt Ronaldo mocked for that record? Isnt he the guy who always hides during the England games? Because if my wiki skills are good...
  17. tonyloo

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    More than 1 million euros/game next season. Great buy Benitez. He'd be worth it for Liverpool, maybe he'd learn Gerrard how to win a league title.
  18. tonyloo

    English Premier League 2009/2010

    Gerrard is godlike in the offensive/second striker role. Sure, he can take care of the build up, but he's alot more effective in a free offensive role. Xabi > Gerrard(and pretty much everyone since Pirlo's decline in the defensive playmaker role) Gerrard > everyone in the free offensive role...
  19. tonyloo

    Diego "Il Principe" Milito

    Am I the only one who expects alot more from Milito than Eto'o? Eto'o would've been perfect if we got Cassano. Without him, or another passing genius, he'll struggle. Milito is alot more used to doing things on his own. Eto'o wont be able to tap in open goals after Xavi, Iniesta or Messi...
  20. tonyloo

    Italian Serie A 2009/2010

    Crazy. People whined when the derby was played in the 5th round or something last season. Makes me want to get down there again, a Milan derby in the summer doesnt happen every year.