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    Inter - Roma (SuperCoppa Italiana) (21 Aug 10)

    Guys, Milito is probably still tired from last year. What has he had, 1.5 months of rest after playing every three days for the past 12 months? I'll cut him some slack considering he scored the winners on all of our cups last season.
  2. J

    Inter - Roma (SuperCoppa Italiana) (21 Aug 10)

    Beautiful passing between Sneijder and Samu!!! The swapping is definitely helping their communication!
  3. J

    Inter - Roma (SuperCoppa Italiana) (21 Aug 10)

    Wow... Capitano on the bench wearing the substitute vest. Cuchu with the armband. Nostalgic to see the future and realize I've been supporting Inter for 7 years now.
  4. J

    Inter - Roma (SuperCoppa Italiana) (21 Aug 10)

    LUCIO - MILITO - ETO'O!!! Can you believe he's a center back???
  5. J

    Inter - Roma (SuperCoppa Italiana) (21 Aug 10)

    Why were all those Gazzetta Dello Sport front pages burning on the seats?
  6. J

    Inter - Roma (SuperCoppa Italiana) (21 Aug 10)

    Wow, beautiful passing in the box. I want to see more of that!:thumbsup:
  7. J

    Rafael Benítez

    Out with the old. In with the new. Just remember how patient Serie A is with their coaches compared to the Prem! Wenger's 5 years without a trophy won't work here and Rafa's got work to do. Get ready to defend the European crown. :D
  8. J

    Maicon Douglas Sisenando

    It's the glamour of the club. People are attracted to Madrid like they're attracted to the New York Yankees. Even if the club is in shambles, they know the history of DiStefano of 9 CL's and everything else that goes along with it.
  9. J

    Inter Milan #1 in the World

    Haha, these ratings are bogus along with Castrol and everything else out there. Football is a simple world, you're either national champions or not. You're either champions of europe or not!
  10. J

    2010/2011 Manager rumours thread

    Regardless of who we get, it better be someone good. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but I wanted to believe that Jose was using the Real rumors as a smokescreen to get attention off of our players during this tense week. We have great players, great management (Ibra transfer!) and we're not...
  11. J

    Campioni d'Italia 2009/2010

    Can't believe nobody posted this yet!!! Great song with intro from Peppino! PER ME...... C'E SOLO INTER!!!
  12. J

    Mario Balotelli

    He may be wacky, but I would take a brutish and productive Balotelli over a timid Santon on the bench anyday. You think he's being good only to try to get into the starting lineup for the Finale? Who doesn't play better with some motivation? Mark my words, if we sell him, we'll regret it more...
  13. J

    Siena - Inter (16 May 10)

    Uh oh, I think radio is overloaded. Is anyone else having this issue? I need my dose of Scarpini!
  14. J

    Siena - Inter (16 May 10)

    Sempre Con Noi!!! What does it hurt to believe? Forza Ragazzi! Let's win this thing!
  15. J

    Massimo Moratti

    Hahaha, Moratti is flush with cash to keep up the purchases, but the thing I love about him is how genuine he really is. Who else treats his players like sons? Remember how long he kept Recoba around even when he wasn't performing?
  16. J

    Julio "El Jardinero" Cruz

    He deserves it. He was awesome in that game against Jube, 2 goals with one off a free kick, and since then was known as the Zebra Killer. A supersub of the last 6 years.
  17. J

    Siena - Inter (16 May 10)

    I wouldn't want to be the one running security for that stadium. Things could get pretty wild tomorrow!
  18. J

    Inter Jerseys 2010/2011

    I always look forward to the lettering. How creative can Nike get while still making sure the commentators in the booth can read the numbers???
  19. J

    I'm Baaaaack!

    Hi Everyone, I used to post here a long time ago under the name of Mister Chee Nee when we first got Mancio as our coach. That was years ago, but I've been an Inter fan since Zac. I'm excited about our season and really feel like the Ultras and the fans around the world seriously make...
  20. J

    Inter - Catania (16 Sep 07)

    Underdogs? Remember Adani and his wondergoal against Juve in the Coppa Semi? I nearly cried when he took his jersey off and his undershirt told the runaway kid to go back to his family. -Jesse