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  1. interista7

    Brazilians Nerazzurri

    Phew, that's something! Great heh? The guy was in super form the last 3 months, played really good and scored for 6/7 games in a row. But the last 2 weeks is ill, an infection thing, don't know exactly.:(
  2. interista7

    Brazilians Nerazzurri

    FACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That broken server or (what the fack happened) deleted my Rivaldo free kick goal posts! FFAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKKKK! Zip, please tell me you watched my videos!
  3. interista7

    Greek league

    It's very strange to be a supporter of so many teams...:wth: It hurts doesn't it?????? There were some posts deleted so here I go again::D - OLYMPIACOS - CHAMPION 2005 - 2006 Thanks Pi!;)
  4. interista7

    Hakan Sukur

    Hakan was great with Galata, but poor Moratti spent millions to get him for nothing. He was total shit. About Gresko....Pure shit also. Georgatos: Descent 1st year, sucked in his 2nd..
  5. interista7

    Greek league

    What pissed me off the most is that he actually scored!!!!! Fack! Forza Schurrer for the punch! Seems though that one punch is not enough. Also Taralidis, [you know that idiot, handicap, Albanian-face guy we use as a DM] (they are buddies with Castillo) involved in the dressing room...
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    Guys do watch V for Vendetta...Intense, many political and social messages, brilliant! Natalie Portman looks ok even with a shaved head...
  8. interista7

    Brazilians Nerazzurri

    That's the spirit! You're my man!:D Anyway I'm only sending you the best of him! I'll try to find also about 7 killing free kicks of him. Free kick=penalty kick when you have Rivaldo!:star:
  9. interista7

    Greek league

    The Castillo incident: What an a$$hole...
  10. interista7

    Greek league

    Who's gonna talk about refs and DVDs now??? :wallbang:
  11. interista7

    Ascoli - Inter

    A good win for Inter after the CL nightmare. Juve lost points against the Viola, so the BBilan game is gonna REALLY tough...
  12. interista7

    Esteban "Il Cuchu" Cambiasso

    Good decision!
  13. interista7

    Esteban "Il Cuchu" Cambiasso

    :wallbang: Get over it and stop sending silly posts.
  14. interista7

    Villareal - Inter

    Wow, what a player we have...:wallbang: He's not that good, calm down!
  15. interista7

    Who are your favorite babes?

    Isabeli Fontana What a face!
  16. interista7

    Belgium Jupiler Liga 2006/2007

    Squadra, could you please tell me your thoughts about Beeveren's Marco Ne? He's an Olympiacos player now and I don't know anything about him.
  17. interista7

    Champions League 05/06 (Knock-out Stage)

    Forza Barca!!!!!!!! Demolish those Serie B ba$tards!
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    Oh shit! :dielaugh:
  19. interista7

    Villareal - Inter

    I'm not saying that Italians are the answer we need (maybe they're not). but I'm pretty sure though that in the Italian market there are some players who are better/more promising than Wome, Kily, ZeMaria and Cesar and would be good if we trust them more. (I wish we sign Lucho btw) The reason...
  20. interista7

    Stupid posts

    I'm also sick n tired of reading his pointless bad posts about Cambiasso, but my comsience tells me that insulting him isn't the best thing to do. (402 posts in a few days??????????? :wth: )