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  1. NimAraya

    2024/2025 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Alvarez is not a pure CF. And he's not leaving for 35m. He's out of our reach.
  2. NimAraya

    Inter Jerseys

  3. NimAraya

    2024/2025 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Great strategy. More of the same please.
  4. NimAraya

    Martín Satriano

    6m including future sale percent would be a good business.
  5. NimAraya

    New Stadium

    The message is clear: Accept San Siro as your shared stadium for the next 100 years.
  6. NimAraya

    Mehdi Taremi

    If you want a nickname for him it's MDR, which is short for "Mullah's Dick Rider". It's his first job actually. Being a 4th rated football player is his second job.
  7. NimAraya

    Lautaro Martinez

    Yeah, it was idiotic. Enzo Fernandez apologised, but these footballers should know by now that this kind of behvaior is not acceptable these days.
  8. NimAraya

    Final: Spain - England
  9. NimAraya

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Good for him. He needs to play regularly. I wished to see the pair of Lautaro-Alvarez at Inter, but that ship has sailed.
  10. NimAraya

    Juan Cabal

    I didn't see him in the Colombia team. Was he even in the squad?
  11. NimAraya

    Copa América 2024

  12. NimAraya

    Copa América 2024

    Yeah he did score, but it had to be him replacing Messi not that fraud Nico Gonzalez. Argentina could finish off Colombia in 90 minutes. Glad it eventually paid off.
  13. NimAraya

    Lautaro Martinez

    Grande Toro!
  14. NimAraya

    Copa América 2024

    Nico Gonzalez is such an average player and he still gets plenty of playing time.
  15. NimAraya

    Copa América 2024

    I have no idea why Lautaro is still not on. Sometimes I don't get Scaloni.
  16. NimAraya

    Copa América 2024

  17. NimAraya

    Copa América 2024

    Yeah it was Messi who ordered the ref to give only 1 minute. :palm:
  18. NimAraya

    Copa América 2024

    Haha hehe hoho... no he doesn't. Stop spewing nonsense!
  19. NimAraya

    Copa América 2024

    1 minute?! Is this supposed to be a joke?
  20. NimAraya

    Copa América 2024

    This is ridiculous