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  1. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    It’s just too bad they don’t put stars on our training kit at least this year.
  2. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    Qatar Airways sponsorship looks really nice on the training kit. I would take that on our game kit. Thankfully they didn’t include the gazelle logo.
  3. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    Jackets are out, and we’ve gone zebra.
  4. Cocksman

    Round of 16: Switzerland - Italy

    Our inter guys need a holiday. Barella looked tanked the last 2 months
  5. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    Wtf is wrong with whomever at Inter approves this
  6. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    I thinks its on the club as well. Nike does some great looks for other clubs and national teams. Others not so much. With us it feels like we let Nike get too daring . The swoosh is iconic
  7. Cocksman

    Preseason 2024

    They will be in the USA next summer for club World Cup (unless they decline the tournament)
  8. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    Old badge looks more un readable or more like Real Madrid when I see it now.
  9. Cocksman Siro store

    I believe it’s by the item. Some items cannot be shipped worldwide. I have purchased many items in the last year and other items were not available to me.
  10. Cocksman

    Verona - Inter (26 May 24) [2-2]

    Champion teams can take a break. They will be graded on next season
  11. Cocksman

    The Suning Commerce Group

    Ironic that suning is from the country that brought us Covid 19 and that suning mainly needed the loan to cover expenses during the pandemic. Now they are gone
  12. Cocksman

    Oaktree Capital Management

    Cheers to oaktree!
  13. Cocksman

    Sassuolo - Inter (4 May 24) [1-0]

    Here but I never wanted a rotation. I wanted the B team to play and the A team take a long nap. The season ended a few weeks ago
  14. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    I should have said a live human. This is still a render
  15. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    This jersey design is truly gonna take seeing it on a human first
  16. Cocksman

    Milan - Inter (22 Apr 24) [1-2]

    gave Pioli is his id rather us get a lot or rest , especially with all the summer tournaments next 3 years
  17. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    Are they allowed to put second star on now? I know scudetto has to wait till season over
  18. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    If this jersey is true, I’m only watching one half of each home match next season
  19. Cocksman

    Inter Jerseys

    We are getting Star Trek jerseys. Man I love this paramount sponsorship. Will be sad to see it go.
  20. Cocksman

    Inter - Napoli (17 Mar 24) [1-1]

    International break is needed . The rest of this season is going to be boring except for the party