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    2012/2013 Goalkeepers Rumors Thread

    I'm fucking pissed off! I love Julione! He is true interista and this is how we treat him! Very disrespectful! And the worst thing about all this is that he is still one of the best in the world! ---------- Post added at 20:28 ---------- Previous post was at 20:25 ---------- And i can't...
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    Julio Cesar

    I would personally kill Moratti if he sells JC! I love that man as every true interista does! If its to me, I would give him the captain armband when zanetti retires! Forza JC, Forza Inter!
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    2011/2012 Forwards Rumors Thread

    Today's first page of says that Stramaccioni wants Bojan at Inter!
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    Ezequiel Lavezzi

    Strama saying that made me dream of a front line consisted of Lucas---Sneider---Lavezzi with Milito in front of them! I hope my dream come true :)
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    Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva

    Imagine up front: Lucas---- Sneijder -----Lavezzi ---------- Milito This would be one of the best front lines in Europe! But sadly we all know there is very little chance that this happens.....
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    The first thing that came on my mind when i read this news was Lucio's reaction when he blocked Piqué's shot against Barcelona in the semis of the CL! That was pure heart! That was one of the moments i realized we are going to win it! Thank you Lucio for everything you have done for FC...
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    Wesley Sneijder

    Sneijder is flourishing under Stramaccioni, so i don't see any reason to sell him! Since Strama is staying, he must stay to!
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    Diego "Il Principe" Milito

    You have my signature!
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    Julio Cesar

    I LOVE JC!
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    Cagliari - Inter (7 Apr 12)

    I like it
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    Andrea Stramaccioni

    Thank God! This is best think that happend to us in 2012! I`m so happy!
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    Ricardo Alvarez

    I really think that this season Alvarez did better for us than Sneijder. He creates way more(much more goal chances) than Wes. Sneijder tends to complicate tings too much this season which is not his way of play, there is no more of his first touch passes that used to catch defenses unprepared...
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    Ricardo Alvarez

    Monaco of Tibet?
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    Andrea Poli

    I absolutely love this kid! Unfortunately crazy coach bench everyone who plays good! Can't believe that!
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    Diego Forlan

    I just read on Forlan is out of the squad for the Europa league game. I guess this means he is definitely coming to Inter!
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    Inter - Schalke (5 Apr 11)

    What are you talking about Milito was our best player by far!
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    Inter - Schalke (5 Apr 11)

    p.s i broke my phone, my remote and i burned my couch but what inter did to me can't compare to nothing!
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    Inter - Schalke (5 Apr 11)

    This is my worst day ever as Interista for 16 years!!!
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    Inter - Schalke (5 Apr 11)

    Nothing less the 4-2 would make me happy!