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    Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva

    sorry man, i need to disagree with this, im indonesian to, and i know that andik is a very pacey player, and good technical, but he lacks vision, a big one if you know what i meant... unless he can sharpened his vision maybe he can someday play in europe, but not inter... sorry bro, thats just...
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    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    Just got the news that today Mourinho is in jakarta today...
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    Indonesia - Inter (26 May 12) (Friendly)

    ive tried to resized it multiple times with numerous size but it just not working for me...:palm: for exp: the last time that i tried to uploaded my photo which is a few minutes ago, i even decreased the size to just about 50 KB, but its still not working for me, its always says that the pic...
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    Indonesia - Inter (26 May 12) (Friendly)

    i have tried it since two days ago but its always failed. is it because i upload it straight from my laptop...:oblivious: do i need to host the photo somewhere else first...:pokerface:
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    Indonesia - Inter (26 May 12) (Friendly)

    well its me who start the Cordoba chant when i see him jumping around in front of Curva Nord...:D here is my other video if you want to see it.:D NB: can anyone tell me how to upload a photo to FIF, i just couldnt do it, ive tried since the first game but it always failed...:palm:
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    Indonesia - Inter (26 May 12) (Friendly)

    ill add the video from my own point of view, this is what its like at the and of the match when inter player lead by Zanetti walk into the Curva Nord ill add other video which i took it by my self if any of you want it. NB: this video was upload by me, and me...
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    Indonesia - Inter (26 May 12) (Friendly)

    Just got back from watching this match... At the of the game, the inter player walk into the curva nord which I was there, but the journalist just crowded them... Damn... It supposed to be special for us....
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    Inter Tour To Indonesia

    then i guess you will be in the stadium with the Indonesia nerazzurra...
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    Indonesia - Inter (26 May 12) (Friendly)

    If that the official squad that being prepare... Then it must be the indonesian senior squad that inter will face on saturday... Not the U-23 But in the tiket that I just bought it says inter will play against U-23 side...
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    Inter Tour To Indonesia

    Which gate and sektor are you... I'm class 2 too... I'm gonna get into the stadium from gate 3 sektor 6... The same spot that I watch the game yesterday...
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    Indonesia - Inter (26 May 12) (Friendly)

    Just got the tiket for this match too... Just couldn't waste this opportunity to watch inter live...
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    Inter Tour To Indonesia

    yup i kow im lucky, and tomorrow ill try to get another ticket for the second game...:slick: i want to upload some of the photo that i took but it seems i just couldn't do it :fffuuu:
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    Inter Tour To Indonesia

    Just got out of the stadium... Got lucky as I got the spot on the curva nord of the stadium GBK along with inter club indonesia... Ill try to upload the pic that I got asap... Now I need to get my bus to go home first...
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    Inter Tour To Indonesia

    Just got the ticket for today match... Just couldn't waste this opportunity to see inter live... Thanks god my office just five minutes walk from the stadium GBK...
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    Victor Nsofor Obinna

    please stop this useles debate.... we all know that obinna is a good player but he is just not inter material.....
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    Hello Guys

    welcome mate...:D you came to the right place....;)
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    stop using my introduction thread!!!! :D:D:D:lol::lol: welcome mate....:smileani: enjoy your stay....:angel:
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    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    i heard its a done deal for Quaresma to Besiktas......
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    Il Vangelo Secondo Mourinho

    this is great one... please make it Sticky thread..
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    New Server and Upgrades

    it seems this new look run faster than before, but it also seems a bit duly... but... IN MOD WE TRUST.....;):D