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  1. RubItAppianoGentile

    French Ligue 1 2015/2016

    So I looked up the Monaco squad and yeap... only one Spanish speaking player (Carrillo) who felt that deep shit :yao:.
  2. RubItAppianoGentile

    Marcelo Brozović

    In my opinion, Brozovic can do much more in a well crafted system. You all criticize him because of the wrong passes but what the fuck can he do when his teammates don't move to empty spaces and stay put without dynamism?? When we had more spaces (weaker opponents) he did some great stuff and...
  3. RubItAppianoGentile

    just because...

    Who made that picture? Just for your information, Mazzola was born in November too, so all November birthday boys don't go kill yourselves.
  4. RubItAppianoGentile

    Anime, Manga, and other Comics

    Just watched 24 straight episodes of Brotherhood (and the last 24 btw) and it was pure anime orgasm. I just couldn't stop because the last ark goes really long. What an anime. The character development is insane as even the tertiary characters are likable at some extent. I am currently...
  5. RubItAppianoGentile

    Milan - Inter (31 Jan 16) [3-0]

    I am very skeptic about criticizing players as all of you are doing right now (maybe one or two can't save their asses even by playing in Barcelona). Our abysmal build up play and slow motion transitions make it too fucking easy for other teams to defend and too fucking hard for our players to...
  6. RubItAppianoGentile

    Happy b-day Shaun and Armes

    Happy Birthday!
  7. RubItAppianoGentile

    Stevan Jovetic

    But the buy from us is obligatory. So that means that we will need to find a buyer for him.
  8. RubItAppianoGentile

    2015 Forza Inter Forum Oscars RESULTS

    That's a clear "Don't fuck with me" message :yao2: Congrats to all the winners. Let's hope next year there is more competition and we see the underdogs aspire for the bigger awards.
  9. RubItAppianoGentile


    I like heavy duty machinery but I wouldn't say no to a Margot Robbie neither. I bet her maneuverability in bed is top notch.
  10. RubItAppianoGentile


    Or an image of a dead man who drowned himself in a pool of shit... maybe?
  11. RubItAppianoGentile

    2015/2016 Midfielders Rumour Thread

    I don't know. Having Soriano means that we will have to keep one of him or Bro in the bench and I don't like that idea really. Many are bashing Bro because of the last two matches but I would give him a shot in being in the starting spot for the rest of the season and evaluate him properly...
  12. RubItAppianoGentile

    Atalanta - Inter (16 Jan 16) [1-1]

    You all cocks are celebrating this possible Guarin exit but I know that deep, very deep inside you, you will miss this motherfucker. You never know what you have till you lose it right?? I will miss his awkward Inter Channel appearances :cry:
  13. RubItAppianoGentile

    Geoffrey Kondogbia

    Kondogbia is far from being a defensive midfielder. One thing that characterizes a defensive midfielder is his capability of dispossessing a player with the ball, be it with a tackle or good anticipation. I haven't seen this from Kdog in a single match till now in Inter. He has helped in...
  14. RubItAppianoGentile

    Samir Handanovic

    You talking about consistency in high level I imagine and you are right. But if we look TODAY, who are the best, then I think if I'm not mistaken Courtois is getting back of a long injury (I think he is even injured right now right?) so I don't know if putting Courtois in the 1st tier of most...
  15. RubItAppianoGentile

    Roberto Mancini

    Stats nowadays are much more complex than 10 years ago. You can even find the amount of horizontal passes a player does and compare the percentage related to total passes and see how much incisive his passing is. It's not like it's only goals and assists like past decades. You can get a very...
  16. RubItAppianoGentile

    Mauro Icardi

    Mauro Icardi in 2012-13 season: 2110 minutes played (on the bench in Matchdays 1,2,3,4,8,10 and 36... no injuries). 10 goals scored Goals scored in 6 matches against 5 teams (4 goals vs Pescara, 3 vs Juventus, 1 vs Genoa, 1 vs Roma, 1 vs Parma): 1 goal vs Genoa in Matchday 13 2 goals vs...
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    Rate the song above you

    9/10 Epic. My alarms in the morning are Hans Zimmer compositions.
  18. RubItAppianoGentile

    Atalanta - Inter (16 Jan 16) [1-1]

    No time for experiments. IMO, we should stick with the same midfield, even though they were inferior some times yesterday, they need to have more time together to understand each other better. The only changes that I would do: Telles ------> Nagatomo Jovetic -----> Perisic Telles is the...
  19. RubItAppianoGentile

    Inter - Sassuolo (10 Jan 16) [0-1]

    I don't think our attacking display was only because of Ljajic (as in other games). Icardi, for the first time since end of last season, was participating A LOT (by his standards) in the "build up play". Perisic did an awesome off the ball movement at the beginning to unlock a great play that...