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    2016/2017 Midfielder Rumours Thread

    J.Weigl fits the bill perfectly. Biglia or Weigl are the best options for us.
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    2016/2017 Defenders Rumour Thread

    Hector plays Dortmund's Guerreiro role at Koeln this season, but still a starter for LB in Germany NT. with lack of options for LB, he would be a great signing. Since he improved so much under Loew. l'm not convinced on Darmian. maybe we had better to sign another RB. maybe an experienced and...
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    Inter Pre-season 2016/2017

    The game ended 3-3. Firstly, Bayern's high line had problems with Niang's pace. Secondly, Bayern looked disorganized in attack because of Ancelotti's selections. They played with more CM's and less wingers so They didn't use the wings efficiently and Green was isolated. Only player who could do...
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    2016/2017 Defenders Rumour Thread

    The most important thing in modern football is controlling the midfield. Our double pivot is still a big question mark for me. l still think we need a regista like Biglia. We also can get the best out of Kondo with creative players and good passers around him. The another question mark is our...
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    Number 1 reason behind Juve's growth in the last 5 years is CL money+the mercato year they had Pirlo, Vidal, Vucinic and Lich.
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    Gabriel Jesus

    l don't think Pjaca will go to Bilan. They had better to use that 30 m euros on 3 Serie B level players after Lapadula and Sosa. They also sold their best player to West Ham. l'd be surprised if they end up in top 5 next season. Top 3 teams are after Gabriel Jesus. it won't be easy to sign him.
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    João Mário

    l'm following him since Portugal U21. He is a player who can make difference in Serie A. His style suits our league really well. Renato Sanches s still a raw talent.
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    Semifinal: Germany - France

    l was impressed with Kimmich. He did solid job vs Payet, however offensively he needs to be better in the final 25 metres.
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    Alex Telles

    it seems Porto signed Telles for 6.5 m euros+next sale's %10.
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    2015/2016 Midfielders Rumour Thread

    We lack a creative mezz'ala in midfield. Our creavity level is not enough in midfield. We need a top player who can make difference. l'd rather to have top 3 without Kovacic, instead 8th with Kovacic. MGT did right thing to sell him. They had to sell him. if we make 3rd place at least, Extra...
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    Inter - Hellas Verona (23 Sep 15) [1-0]

    Like l said before, The first 10-12 weeks will have a say if we will be in scudetto race or not. Juve is still the team to beat though their horrible start, considering Strootman is a big loss to Roma, l don't think they can win scudetto without him.
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    Alex Telles

    He should take more responsibility in attack and he needs to be a little bit aggressive in defence.
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    Inter - Milan (13 Sep 15) [1-0]

    Today's GDS has an interview with Mancini, Mancini says he has only one doubt. Rano or Medel. it's yesterday's interview. l kept asking myself why we renewed Rano's contract with 2.4 m euros wages until 2019, considering he even can't be a vice Miranda. First İtalia's game, then the derby...
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    Inter - Milan (13 Sep 15) [1-0]

    Bonaventura is their only midfield who can do something with the ball. He is good dribbler and a little bit creative. He can't create much chances due to his weak vision and slow thinking. The rests are good only on back passing. Their midfield created 3 chances in total so far.
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    Inter - Milan (13 Sep 15) [1-0]

    it's so early to talk about scudetto. The first 10-12 games will have a say if we will be in scudetto race or not. Not only we signed top quality players, but also leaders. Something teams like Milan still lacks. We had a fantastic mercato, while Milan did so so. Their midfield is the weakest...
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    Alex Telles

    My husband is a football expert, this is why l'm involved with football so much. (He says l'm better than him, l don't know how l improved so much)
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    Alex Telles

    My post from May 29. l'm really happy with this signing. He improved much since my last post. He still has some weak points but he can overcome. He is defensively solid. He rarely makes mistakes. (His defending was horrible with Prandelli though)Gala's weakest point was RB not Telles. Last...
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    2014/2015 Defenders Rumours Thread

    if i were Mancini, i'd only sign Yilmaz from Gala. i don't rate him much as a lone striker, however he is amazing in 2 strikers or at trequartista. im a bit skeptical about him in team work. Whenever he joined the press and played for the team, he made the difference. Yet sometimes he thinks...
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    2014/2015 Defenders Rumours Thread

    Kaya is good on 1-on 1's and really quick defender though he is weak on reading the game. He can form a good partnership with a leader in defence. Telles, solid defensively, (he really improved on this aspect after new Galatasaray coach) His offensive contribution is a question mark thanks to...
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    Wesley Sneijder

    Gala declared Wes's wages. 2 m euros for the rest of the reason 3.2 m euro+25.000 euros per match 3.9 m euros signing on the fee in 3 years payment.(starting with 2013-2014 season) 7.5 m euros to us for Wes.