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  1. Ari

    Finnish Football League - Veikkausliiga

    Because of big number of finnish lads here and numerious topics of another leagues here, we might need this also. Here's the current leaguetable. TamU 23 50 FC Haka 23 42 TPS 23 41 FC Honka 23 37 IFK Mariehamn 23 33 MyPa 23 33 FC Lahti 23 32 HJK 23 27 VPS 23 27 FC KooTeePee 23 25 FC Inter 23...
  2. Ari

    Man Whores

  3. Ari

    End of transfer window - tears, heroes and traitors

    Let's collect last minutes hell here. Thank god time is running out. Vuck of Ronnie!
  4. Ari

    Inter Club Finlandia

    Officially founded today. Grazie Jake. :proud: :intersca:
  5. Ari

    RIP David di Tommaso

    FC Utrecht defender, 26, dies in sleep Posted: Tuesday Nov 29, 2005 5:52 AM AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - FC Utrecht defender David di Tommaso died in his sleep at age 26, the club said Tuesday. The cause of death wasn't immediately known. The French-born di Tommaso was voted the team's player...
  6. Ari

    Interview with CafeCordoba

    Do you accept it? ;)
  7. Ari

    Class of this forum..

    I can not be only one who has noticed this. Everything but amount of members has been going down here already for a while. And as a most scarying example - Transfers & Rumours section. Management tried to change things better by modifying its structure, but instead it's only gone worse. Most...
  8. Ari


    If it was up to me the forum wouldn't allow avatars and signatures at all. Just a suggestion though. Not gonna happen..
  9. Ari

    Wallpaper on your desktop

    This is mine. Just found it from and maybe the best I've found there. Or what do you say Frisk..? ;)
  10. Ari

    Your favourite drink / what are you drinking at the moment

    Classic finnish beer Karhu for me. Still early in the morning and going with coffee.
  11. Ari

    Our dear friend..

    He's a great man. His transfer knowledge is well known. He's a great friend though little tempered. May I represent. ZZANG!! Just few memorable moments.. Thank you ZZANG. Keep up great work. We love you. :heart:
  12. Ari

    Riccardo Meggiorini

    Riccardo Meggiorini's road to glory... I couldn't found a topic about him and there should be. NATO IL: 04/09/1985 NAZIONE: Italia ALTEZZA: 183 Cm PESO: 75 Kg I hope we can discuss here how he has played in Spezia. All info I found was that he has played in 4 matches and no goals. I've...
  13. Ari


    No words please. :horny:
  14. Ari

    Italian Serie B [ Scores Inside ]

    It would be nice to follow Italian serie B also here. So, here's the current standings. 21 rounds played. (Piacenza 20) Genoa 46 Perugia 39 Torino 37 Empoli 36 Ascoli 35 Verona 35 Treviso 32 Piacenza 29 Ternana 27 Albinoleffe 27 Cesena 27 Arezzo 26 Catania 26 Modena 26...
  15. Ari

    Oba's information topic

    Hi! My first holiday from army and I'd hope you would write here shortly what has happened in inter (though it's little out of transfer rumours) since we got Davids (I left next day). And always when I'm free I will ask more reports.. Forza Inter! Thanks already. Please, reports about Emre...
  16. Ari


    This snake/dragon I see in inter flags bothers me. Where does it come from?
  17. Ari

    Internazionale 2004-2005

    OK, guys. My team: GK: Francesco Toldo Jimmy Fontana Alex Cordaz DEF: Ivan Cordoba Fabio Cannavaro Marco Materazzi Daniele Adani Carlos Gamarra ***Kompany or Vidic (and loaned out) ***Jeremie Brechet (maybe loaned) Francesco Coco Javier Zanetti ***Giovanni Pasquale (loaned out) Thomas Helveg...
  18. Ari

    Stephane Dalmat

    Wow, seems you haven't yet noticed this. This is from Spurs website: Dalmat loan ends 27 Apr 2004 12:17 Stephane Dalmat has returned to Inter Milan after the Club terminated his loan agreement. The French midfielder joined us in August having also played for Lens and Marseille. What do...
  19. Ari

    Strikers for next season

    So, this is the question what has bothered me whole day.. Bobo says he's leaving.. Atleast now i'm not too worried about it.. I'm glad :) I hope we can start our season with basic four: Adriano Recoba Martins ? Drogba, Gilardino, Montella I think Drogba is propable.. We could use for...