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  1. interafei


    I think the pic should be changed.every time when I type in browser address bar.the pic is never know it's boring .I think the pic should be changed when inter has a match or some important news .of course,the pics must be from I hope the mangement...
  2. interafei

    who can teach me how to paste pics on the forum?

    I want to paste some pics on the forum ,but I don't know how to do it ?so can somebody teach me the method? thanx
  3. interafei

    A Nerazzurri fan from China

    Hellow guys I'm a henchman of inter from SiChuan China ,I've supported inter for 8 years,Now I'm a college student and I find my classmates around of me are inter fans first ,I was very surpprised,and then we talked something about why we loved inter ,one reason was R9,another was...
  4. interafei

    Comment on Yao Ming fairly

    Hi guys ,I'm from China ,I just want you to comment on YaoMing from Rockets fairly. do you think he is a star ?and do you think he can rise surperior to the laker's superstar O'Neal oneday?