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  1. interafei

    Inter has the most fans in China!

    inter is first instead of M-united
  2. interafei

    Rest In Peace Facchetti

    he was still the best left backs in the world
  3. interafei


    hahhahahhahha,your chemistry is quite nice!!!
  4. interafei


    hahhahahhahha,your chemistry is quite nice!!!
  5. interafei


    my major is chemistry,but I forget it all
  6. interafei

    Inter - Roma (Coppa Italia)

    we will win the coppa Italia to finish this defeated season again like the previous season!
  7. interafei

    F.C. Internazionale Milano - Season 05/06

    good job,handoyo.
  8. interafei

    Happy Birthday, Hamed!

    Happy Birthday
  9. interafei

    I'm back

    Welcome back
  10. interafei

    It’s Time To Wake Up, Inter!

    good post. inter has many problems to handle,but we have to admit that the other reasons like referee.
  11. interafei

    hi, every inter fans~~~

    welcome mate.
  12. interafei


    welcome,mate!!!! inter has a large fans in the whole world.
  13. interafei

    i am new and love inter than every body

    welcome to the forum and keep posting
  14. interafei

    Inter - Siena

    I hope so!!!! :D :D :D
  15. interafei

    Inter - Siena

    guys,don't lose just only one game!!!!
  16. interafei

    Inter - Siena

    bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I can't believe it ,inter was defeated by's very hard for me to believe the fact.maybe for most you guys.I didn't watch the game,because I thought inter would win the this morning when I got up and opened my computer,the headline was that...
  17. interafei


    welcome! 热烈欢迎!!
  18. interafei

    How many Inter games have you been to?

    none.but I'm going to Italy in 2008.that's the 100-year-old of our club.
  19. interafei

    The Indian Lone Ranger

    welcome to the forum!
  20. interafei

    Hello i'm the last

    welcome to join the forum and enjoy it.RiVaL.don't worry about your English is very poor!,but I often post replies and some topics.for I want to exchange my opinions to others.It also improves my RiVaL,don't be shy and keep posting .nobody here laugh you. Gismo,am I the...