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  1. Drek_Durshell

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    As a Dane I'd like to see what Poch can do. He has shown he can get the best out of Eriksen, and looking at how Spurs are doing now, he may have gotten the best out of the team available to him there. If he could do the same at Inter, I smell silverware.
  2. Drek_Durshell

    Lautaro Martinez
  3. Drek_Durshell

    Christian Eriksen

    One could speculate that Eriksen was essential to Spurs success, and his dip in form was because he wanted away years ago, and Levy has been blocking it all along, and Eriksen finally got sick of it and went public, and refused to extend his contract. Certainly he has been rumored away for a...
  4. Drek_Durshell

    Christian Eriksen

    Danish commentators are suggesting that we wont see Eriksen fully integrated in the system till after summer. Personally I don't know how long it takes, but patience may be required.
  5. Drek_Durshell

    Christian Eriksen

    I've been lurking in this forum since around the time the Eriksen transfer saga started, and have decided to give some input as a fellow Dane. I can't claim to be an Inter fan as such, but with Eriksen there, and with the great way he has been received (maybe even too excitedly), I find myself...