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  1. I4E

    Treble 10 Year Anniversary

    This month we'll be coming up to the 10th year anniversary of our Treble year triumphs. It's amazing how time has flown by yet it all still feels like it happened just yesterday. I'd like to see people post their feelings, comments, pics & videos as we approach each date for each of the league...
  2. I4E

    FIF's Dramatic last day of the mercato 2017

    I'm gonna go ahead and open this now.
  3. I4E

    UEFA Europa League 2017/2018

    New season.
  4. I4E

    UEFA Champions League 2017/2018

    New season. I'm willing to bet either Real Madrid, Barca or just maybe Bayern win it...... Again.
  5. I4E

    German Bundesliga 2017/2018

    New season.
  6. I4E

    Spanish La Liga 2017/2018

    New season.
  7. I4E

    English Premier League 2017/2018

    New season.
  8. I4E

    Italian Serie A 2017/2018

    New season.
  9. I4E

    2017/2018 Goalkeepers Rumours Thread

    New season.
  10. I4E

    2017/2018 Forwards Rumours Thread

    New season.
  11. I4E

    2017/2018 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    New season.
  12. I4E

    2017/2018 Defenders Rumours Thread

    New season.
  13. I4E

    Luciano Spalletti

    Spalleti rumours are getting a lot more serious now. May aswell start his thread now. Rumoured 3 year deal worth €4m per season.
  14. I4E

    Inter - Sampdoria (3 Apr 17) [1-2]

    4th April. Crikey ! This game is a fortnight away !
  15. I4E

    Happy New Year

    Considering the NDU are one of the first to see in the new year I thought I'd get shit started. I'm about to commence celebrating the coming of the new year with an abundance of food, booze & laughter before the night turns into an obscene display of drunken antics, ridicule & stupid stunts...
  16. I4E

    FIF Oscar Nominations 2016

    Ok guys the FIF Oscars are back. The FIF Oscars nominations thread is now open. Each member can nominate as many members as they like per category, ideally keeping it at no more than 5-7 members per category. This thread will remain open for the next week or so, so please make your nominations...
  17. I4E

    Happy Birthday Michael

    To one of FIF's most prominent members, I wish him a very happy birthday.
  18. I4E

    Frank De Boer

    I'll update the opening page once its official. Discuss De Boer here now.
  19. I4E

    2016/2017 Goalkeeper Rumours Thread

    New season. New thread.
  20. I4E

    2016/2017 Defenders Rumour Thread

    New season. New thread.