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    Happy birthday KevinB. FIF's best playmaker
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    Happy Birthday Pajo.

    Happy birthday to our #1 Macedonian mod. Thoughts on blue cheese: yay or nay?
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    Live game discussion and voice chat. The Inter Discord channel.

    Just want to point out to everyone here that we have a growing Inter server on Discord. Chat, voice channels, runs in your browser or a desktop application if you'd like. Here's the link to the server It's great for discussion during the game and general chatting...
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    Want to find a hotel in Milan in July.

    So I'm going on a trip to Italy and France in July and I already booked 4 nights in Rome, I want to spend 1 night in Milano but I can't seem to find an affordable hotel. All I need is a hotel that is close to a metro station and has air conditioning. I'm going with my family (4 members). Has...
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    The Unofficial Chatbox thread

    It's no secret to FIF members that I love the Chatbox and treat it as my own, and for this very reason, I think that ChatBox deserves it's own thread. UPDATE: By popular demand, switching the chatbox to an IRC implementation seems to be the top priority. UPDATE 2: Need a moderator or admin to...
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    Question to Nerazzurri outside Europe about Inter merchandise.

    I wanted to know what are good websites in terms of buying Inter kits and scarves that ship internationally. Here in Egypt I can't find any official Inter products and the idea of ordering from the store with 33 euros shipping for the 2015/16 Jersey doesn't appeal to me. So far I...
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    Need help regarding SOLO INTER online store.

    Hi, So I've been looking to buy some Inter stuff from the online store and I've seen that they have a 72 hour period where orders of 100 euros or above get free delivery (shipping?). I live in Egypt and I've never ordered anything from the store before and I'm curious how much it would cost for...