Al-Ain International Football Youth Championship


Dec 30, 2012
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It seems our Juniores Berretti led by their manager Sergio Zanetti participated in a competition held in the UAE a week ago. The competition is called the Al-Ain International Football Youth Championship and is an annual event in the Gulf State.

I was sick last week and as I switched between the channels, I was lucky enough to catch our game against Kashiwa Reysol's youth team. The score was already in our favor 3-1, so our boys did the most predictable in the Italian tactical mentality... sit back and wait... and wait. Kashiwa had the greatest period of possession on the ball and they sliced our defenses but were stopped by our youth Keeper, Matteo Mainini who had a great game.I have to say that I am concerned a lot by the fragility of our youth back line, because the Japanese were able to turn the supposed defensive discipline upside down but were unlucky with their shots.

From what I read now, it looks like we lost to Dinamo Zagreb in the Semi final as well as losing the third place decider against Celtic. Dinamo on the other hand faced Al-Ain in the finale and after a great game that ended in 2-2 in 90 minutes, the Croats were able to seal a victory in the penalty shoot out 4-2.

I will be posting the videos from Youtube the competition for everyone to watch.

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This is our game against the hosts, Al-Ain, which we lost in penalties 4-1 after a 1-1 draw.

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This game is the Semi-Final that we lost to Dinamo.

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Finally, the third place game against Celtic.