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Il Drago

Dec 21, 2015
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I read his interview about the way he left Inter earlier today and i realised he doesn't have a thread and he definitely deserves one. Inter starting GK in the 1970s and third on the list of Inter GK with most club appearances, after Zenga and Handanovic. I put him in La Grande Inter section because imo that's where he belongs but i added a poll in case other members have objections because of his time at Juventus as GK coach.

Few things about him for those who had never heard of him.

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  • Walter Zenga 473
  • Samir Handanovic 389
  • Ivano Bordon 382
  • Julio Cesar 300
  • Gianluca Pagliuca 234
  • Francesco Toldo 233
  • Lido Vieri 199
  • Giuliano Sarti 198
  • Giorgio Ghezzi and Angelo Franzosi 191

Playing style

Regarded as one of the best Italian goalkeepers of his generation, Bordon was a traditional and introverted goalkeeper, known in particular for his composure, correct behaviour, positioning, and ability to organise his defence, as well as his ability to pull off athletic and acrobatic saves if necessary, without resorting to histrionics. Although he initially struggled when coming off his line to claim crosses, he later improved upon this element of his game as his career progressed.

Club Career

Bordon was born in Marghera, Venice. During his Serie A career (from 1970 to 1989) he played for Inter (1970–83); he initially served as a back-up to Lido Vieri, but later won a place as the team's starting goalkeeper, winning two Serie A titles in 1971 and 1980, as well as two Coppa Italia titles; he also reached the 1972 European Cup final with Inter, where they were defeated by Cruyff's Ajax side. He later played for Sampdoria (1983–86), where he won another Coppa Italia in 1985. He also played for Sanremese (1986–87) and Brescia (1987–89) before retiring.

International Career

At international level, Bordon received 21 caps for the Italy national football team between 1978 and 1984, and he participated in three major tournaments with Italy as Dino Zoff's backup. He represented Italy at the 1978 FIFA World Cup (where Italy reached the semi-finals finishing in fourth place), Euro 1980 (where Italy reached the semi-finals finishing in fourth place once again), and he was also a member of Italy's 1982 World Cup winning squad.

And this is the article about the way he left Inter.

Nerazzurri Legend Ivano Bordon: “Gabriele Oriali & I Deserved To Be Treated Better By Inter”​

Legendary former Inter goalkeeper has spoken about his time with the Nerazzurri, and expressed his feeling that the club had not treated him and teammate Gabriele Oriali well at the end of the 1982-3 season.

Speaking in an interview with Italian news outlet ReggioSera.com, the former goalkeeper relates the circumstances of his departure from the Nerazzurri to join Sampdoria in the summer of 1983.

In Bordon’s telling, both he and Oriali were strongly considering offers from Inter’s Scudetto rivals Juventus at the time, but the club acted to prevent them from joining the Bianconeri.

He feels that the Nerazzurri deliberately misled the pair, who they did not intend on keeping on for the following season, but also did not want to take up the Bianconeri’s offer.

He specifically talks about feeling upset with the conduct of Inter directors Sandro Mazzola and Giancarlo Beltrami, who he believes treated he and his teammate unfairly.

The Nerazzurri legend understands the decisions made by the club, but still believes that they could have handled the situation with Oriali and himself better.

Bordon’s words when asked about his greatest regrets during his career:

“Two things above all: as I said before, I would ask [former Italian national team manager Enzo] Bearzot why he didn’t call me up for the 1986 World Cup.

“The other incident dates back to when I was playing for Inter. Both Gabriele Oriali and I were in a period where we could be released. and we were both courted by Juventus.”

“The management of Inter, however, got in the way,” he continues, “delayed, making us imagine the renewal of our contracts and almost until the closing of the market, at which point they declared that they had other plans and finally invited us to look for another team.”

“We had simply been blocked to prevent us from going to reinforce a direct competitor for the Scudetto, and in the end I found myself at Sampdoria and Oriali at Fiorentina.

“After all that Gabriele and I had given to Inter, perhaps we deserved a better treatment and today I regret not having had an even more genuine contact with Mazzola and Beltrami, to be able to meet them and blame them for their hypocrisy.”

Reflecting on the incident, Bordon said this:

“Of course, I understand the club game, but after my seventeen years at Inter, maybe they could have behaved differently.

“Mind you, I had a great time at Sampdoria. I found a president like Paolo Mantovani who turned out to be both a great fan and a real connoisseur of football, and I discovered a fabulous fanbase.”

“Three years where I had the honour of winning the first trophy in Sampdoria’s history, the Coppa Italia, with the club.

“I must admit that in all the teams where I played, I collected and still receive the affection of the fans, and this gratifies me for all the efforts made during my career.”


Prima Squadra
Prima Squadra
Jan 13, 2020
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"My employer didn't want me to work for their direct rivals. Shame. So I worked for someone else and had a great time there. Shame."

With all due respect ofc for the legend.

Glass box

Feb 3, 2014
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Legit Italian looks :)

Seems to me that he followed Lippi in his coaching career, whom I dislike.

Unrelated to this, the stats speak for themselves, he's a legend, who are we to say he's not?