Lucien Agoumé


Jul 31, 2017
Favorite Player
But if the offers are 2m€ for Radu and 5m€ for Agoume, why bother? You keep complaining about everything but with limited facts. Selling Satriano now doesn't make any sense, we wouldn't get much but there's potential to elevate his value with a loan to a club like Empoli.

Inter probably sees something in Agoume as they want to keep loaning this kid. Let's just hope we have a plan regarding him with Cremonese and it won't be the Spezia story all over again. Agoume needs to be a consistent starter. On the other hand, good competition is good for the development and in relegation candidate, coach has always big pressure. Would be sad to see Agoume changing the loan team in January when he didn't get enough minutes from the coach who trusted veterans more.
That means he has to play football in every country except Italy. I dont see the point of loaning someone out to a club in Italy. Times shows they won't play enough to develop and at this age they need to play. Can imagine Brest would want to loan him another season. That would be much better than loaning Agoume to a club like Cremonese.