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La Grande Inter
Aug 2, 2007
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my beloved brother you are latino and I am middle easterner...we are already have the the same taste about women. Women with the flat ass/breast are not woman enough. As sir mix a lot said that ''I like big butts (and big boobs) and I can't lie''

Thing is Hispanic women are curvy not really fat if you are 100 pounds with B cups or 160 pounds with D cups the extra boobs is all fat + the huge gut in the middle makes the Ds look smaller than the Bs. It all is proportions and how tall the person is as well. A 100 pound 6 foot woman would look weird..... 5'2 probably look fine.

what you can't change is an ugly woman is an ugly woman. I don't think guys are like women who like women to look like dudes. My wife loves Justin Bieber it's like he looks like a woman with short hair.