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    Inter Jerseys

    fif whining happens everyday.. jersey, transfer rumours, losing a match, winning a match.. is there anything that FIF doesn't whine?
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    Inter - Empoli (6 May 22) [4-2]

    once a believer, always a believer.
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    Juventus - Inter (3 Apr 22) [0-1]

    we're gonna bounce after this win. second star incoming.. forza Inter
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    Inter - Milan (5 Feb 22) [1-2]

    Even Covid can't stop us this time. we'll destroy them.
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    Whom do you miss most?

    chillbro is in the whatsapp group but he is not so chill anymore.
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    Bologna - Inter (27 Apr 22) [2-1]

    Bologna should appeal to take 3-0 defeat. If they play the game, they will concede more goals even with full team. They need this 3-0 to avoid further humiliation.
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    Most Improved Poster - 2021

    you would have more votes had you returned to the WhatsApp group.
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    Most Improved Poster - 2021

    Grab some beers..
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    Most Improved Poster - 2021

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    Most Improved Poster - 2021

    None of the members listed is part of the WhatsApp group. This is racism.
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    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    you judge the whatsapp group like inter fans judged inzaghi before the season began. come and join us, you'll never be happier.
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    Edin Džeko

    deep inside. u know it's true. ;)
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    Salernitana - Inter (17 Dec 21) [0-5]

    so we have 16 goals to score against Torino.
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    Edin Džeko

    it's the best experience ever. whoever left the group always regrets their decision.
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    Edin Džeko

    you need to join our whatsapp group.