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    Inter - Torino (22 Nov 20) [4-2]

    Good character shown by inter. Equalized in a matter of minutes.
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    Inter - Sevilla (21 Aug 20) [3-2]

    you must have watched a different game then. they were lucky not to be 4 goals down going into the last half an hour. They play that same game 10 times they lose no fewer than 8 of it. Looks like they got lucky in the final again. Not a very pleasant team to play against and it's not because of...
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    hello everyone

    been a silent lurker in this forum for a while after trying to find an english language forum for all things inter. i'm a united fan but have a soft spot for Inter going back to the calciopoli days and have generally been the horse i've backed in Italy when there isn't a smaller team like...