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  1. TheNetworkZ

    Inter - Atalanta (25 Sep 21) [2-2]

    2021-09-25 Just a few days before the Shaktar game. Atalanta haven't been very consistent so far but this will be a tough game nonetheless.
  2. TheNetworkZ

    Verona - Inter (27 Aug 21) [1-3]

    2021-08-27 20:45 start time. I have to go take a shit so I'm just gonna leave it at that.
  3. TheNetworkZ

    Final: Italy - England

    Barella >
  4. TheNetworkZ

    Inter - Udinese (23 May 21) [5-1]

    Final game of the season.
  5. TheNetworkZ

    Juventus - Inter (15 May 21) [3-2]

    Their fate is in our hands. Let's goooooooo Sent from my SM-G973W using Tapatalk
  6. TheNetworkZ

    Crotone - Inter (1 May 21) [0-2]

    Only 5 points needed for the scudetto. Sent from my SM-G973W using Tapatalk
  7. TheNetworkZ

    Spezia - Inter (21 Apr 21) [1-1]

    Just 4 more wins and we take the scudetto home. Forza Inter!
  8. TheNetworkZ

    European Super League Discussion

    Big rumours are circulating that this will happen. I think it would be better to discuss this in its own thread instead of the Champions League one. If a mod disagrees feel free to close this. Sent from my SM-G973W using Tapatalk
  9. TheNetworkZ

    Napoli - Inter (18 Apr 21) [1-1]

    Or "Naopoli" according to the FIF ticker.
  10. TheNetworkZ

    Inter - Cagliari (11 Apr 21) [1-0]

    12:30 kick-off time according to Mathematically we need 5 wins and 1 draw from our next 6. We have Napoli after this. Forza Inter! AND FUCK NAINGGOLAN
  11. TheNetworkZ

    Bologna - Inter (3 Apr 21) [0-1]

    Our next game right after the international break. 20:45 kick off time according to
  12. TheNetworkZ

    Inter - Sassuolo (7 Apr 21) [2-1]

    Game is now confirmed to be on the 7th of April.
  13. TheNetworkZ

    Happy birthday JJM & Adriano@10

    All the best lads! Miss ya JJM!
  14. TheNetworkZ

    Torino - Inter (14 Mar 21) [1-2]

    10:00 start. They're not to be underestimated but I still hope a player or 2 can get a much deserved rest. Forza Inter!
  15. TheNetworkZ

    Inter - Atalanta (8 Mar 21) [1-0]

    20:45 kick-off time. I opened the game thread for the milan derby so I'm feeling lucky on this one. Forza Inter!
  16. TheNetworkZ

    Milan - Inter (21 Feb 21) [0-3]

    Onwards and upwards! Earlier kickoff time than usual, so set your clocks. Forza Inter!
  17. TheNetworkZ

    Cagliari - Inter (13 Dec 20) [1-3]

    We will lose.
  18. TheNetworkZ

    Which former players feel like "fever dreams" to you?

    A solid definition of "fever dream" on Urban Dictionary for those who aren't aware: In other words, players you just couldn't believe actually played at Inter or you've just simply forgotten about due to how surreal it is. I'll start with Hernanes :lol: I completely forgot this guy existed...
  19. TheNetworkZ

    Bologna - Inter (2 Nov 19) [1-2]

    The return of Palacio Team form: Bologna: D-L-D-L-W Inter: W-L-W-D-W Previous game: Bologna 1-0 Inter, February 3rd 2019 Forza Inter!
  20. TheNetworkZ

    The ones that got away

    So I got this idea for a thread after opening up an old FM save. Here we discuss and reminisce hyped players through the years whether it be an old FM wonder-kid, media hype, early good string of performances in their career, market price, national hype, etc. and what we thought would come of...