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  1. Wallace


    Fuck. How can this forum not have a thread of one of the best/most complicated board game ever? Surely it'd be an interesting topic despite most of you here can probably play it with your eyes closed. In all seriousness, AlphaGo has beaten Lee Sedol again in the last game and has won 4-1...
  2. Wallace

    How much time does Mancini have left at Inter?

    As per Devious's request. Quite frankly, I think he has another 30-40 years or so, depending on his life span. The Inter board seems to be gullible enough.
  3. Wallace

    Mini Videos

    There are a few videos which I wanted to share, but at the moment I can't find a thread where people can share short videos which are not only related to Inter, so I came to make one. These videos I uploaded are related to football, though not just related to Inter. Enjoy ;). Funny football...
  4. Wallace

    Fifa Manager 2006

    Any one gonna play or already playing this game? I think this game is better than FM 2006..
  5. Wallace

    WE 9/PES 5

    Well..winning 9 is out (japanese version) any one tried it out? :confused:
  6. Wallace

    Greetings from inter fan from Hong Kong

    Hi I have been supporting inter for 8 years...just recently inter finally won coppa italia and lets hope inter would win scudetto next year!! FORZA INTER!!