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  1. NimAraya

    R.I.P. Gary Moore (1952-2011)

    Shocked to read the news today but It was true. One of the greatest rockers and one of my favs has passed away today at the age of 59. :( RIP. :( :( :(
  2. NimAraya

    Bari - Inter (3 Feb 11)

    Julio Cesar 7 Maicon 5.5 Ranocchia 6 Materazzi 5 Chivu 4 Zanetti 6.5 Motta 6 Kharja 7.5 Milito 4 Pazzini 7 Eto'o 6.5 Sneijder 6.5 Cambiasso N/A Leonardo 5
  3. NimAraya

    Inter - Roma (6 Feb 11)

    Ok. A Crucial match for us. I'm positive about this match and Roma is not exactly in the best of form now. Good news is that Mexes is out of the match due to suspention. I hope with winning this one we take a huge step forward as it also would be a huge moral boost for us before the match...
  4. NimAraya

    Inter - Palermo (30 Jan 11)

    Julio Cesar 8 Maicon 6 Lucio 6 Ranocchia 7 Santon 4 Cambiasso 6 Motta 5 Zanetti 6 Coutinho 4.5 Milito 5 Eto'o 6.5 Pazzini 9 Kharja 6.5 Obi N/A Leonardo 7
  5. NimAraya

    Inter squad for FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2010

    In accordance with FIFA regulations, FC Internazionale today submitted the list of 23 players who will be available to Rafael Benitez during the FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2010. The full list: Goalkeepers: 1 Julio Cesar, 12 Luca Castellazzi, 21 Paolo Orlandoni. Defenders: 2 Ivan Ramiro Cordoba...
  6. NimAraya

    Inter - Parma (28 Nov 10)

    Castelazzi 8 Cordoba 5 Lucio 6 Materazzi 1 Zanetti 5 Stankovic 9 Cambiasso 7 Biabiany 7.5 Sneijder 4 Santon 4 Pandev 2 Natalino 5 Motta 7 Nwankwo N/A Rafa 5
  7. NimAraya

    Tottenham - Inter (2 Nov 10)

    Castellazzi - 6 Maicon - 1 Lúcio - 4 Samuel - 5 Chivu - 5 Zanetti - 5.5 Muntari - 4 Biabiany - 3 Sneijder - 5 Pandev- 3 Eto'o - 7 Nwankwo - 5 Coutinho - 5 Milito - 5.5 Benitez - 5
  8. NimAraya

    Gianluigi Buffon Voted The Best Goalkeeper Of The Last 25 By IFFHS

    Members of the IFFHS voted for the best goalkeeper of the past 25 years, and Buffon came out on top with 197 votes to his name. Here is the top 10 list, according to the IFFHS. 1: Gianluigi Buffon 2: Peter Schmeichel 3: Edwin van der Sar 4: Iker Casillas 5: Oliver Kahn. 6: Jose-Luis Chilavert...
  9. NimAraya

    Inter - Fiorentina (15 Mar 09)

    Back to the same story like every other year. Hard match for us. Hope we don't slip up after our fail in CL. I still play Balotelli and Vieira from the start.
  10. NimAraya

    Atalanta - Inter (6 Apr 08)

    Do I have to say we're going there to struggle again?! The only positive thing for me is that our rival has a tough opponent too. I hope we get back Vieira and Cambiasso and Mancini stop playing Chivu in midfield and also an out of form Stankovic. Zlatan and Crespo is a good pair infront. But...
  11. NimAraya

    WWE Thread

    Tell me if you're on it or not! Although for me there is a huge stupid fake part in this Sportkind thing but I think it's really Entertaining! My favorite Wrestlers are Batista, Triple H and Shawn Michaels (D Generation X:heart:), The Undertaker and Jeff Hardy!!! And don't forget the most...
  12. NimAraya

    Back here Again!

    I just wanna say a Big hello to everyone here, after being out for a month due to conscription. I'm home now for 8 days permission and then have to spend about another month as a conscript again. In this month, I was completely living in exile, because of the rules we have to accept in...
  13. NimAraya

    AS Roma vs Inter

    Looks like Mancini still needs time to adapt himself to the prestige of a club like Inter! Whatever his level is as a coach, he should understand that it's the crucial moments that rate the ability of a coach. His team is playing bad almost after the beginning of 2006. Inter swoop some wins but...
  14. NimAraya

    Argentina Football

    I open this thread to diccussions, news, reviews, anything that has some business with Argentina Football! First of all:D, Roberto Ayala is back to Valencia squad after a long period of injury. He may appears for some minutes in Malaga clash to ready himself for Real Madrid clash!
  15. NimAraya

    Calendar 2005 - 2006

    Where can I find the complete serie A 2005-2006 calendar?
  16. NimAraya

    Santiago Hernan Solari

    Great! One of my favourite player of all times finally joins Inter. I think we made a super left side for the new season and we just need three other players: Figo, Samuel and Makinwa :heart: