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  1. ScottishInterista

    Inter - Lazio (31 Jan 19) (Coppa Italia) [1(3)-1]

    Apparently there was a draw for this and i didn't see anyone make a single post about it anywhere here. Last four times we've played Lazio we've won but the time before that we lost in the coppa where they went on to lose to Juve in the Final. Odds at the time of writing are; Inter - 1.95...
  2. ScottishInterista

    UEFA Nations League

    So the pots for the Uefa Nations League has been announced below. This is a mini tournament which is designed to replace meaningless friendlies and stop teams like switzerland boosting their coefficient. Each league has created based on these teams rankings not including the last international...
  3. ScottishInterista

    Interview with Black Jesus

    1) What is your name/moniker/stripper name/gang name? 2) Approximate date of birth and/or age 3) How long have you been an Inter fan for/how did you become an Inter fan? 4) Favourite Inter player of all time? 5) Favourite Inter memory besides the Treble? 6) Career/job/profession/vocational...
  4. ScottishInterista

    Happy Birthday IL Drago

    Hope to see the birthday threads continue
  5. ScottishInterista

    Interview with Enjoy

    Yes it is here, the exclusive interview with the man surrounded in controversy and has hopefully not let this go to his head and forget where he was made. 1) What is your name/moniker/stripper name/gang name? 2) Place of residence? Are there any cities in Scotland besides Glasgow? 3)...
  6. ScottishInterista

    Inter - Sparta Prague (8 Dec 16) [2-1]

    This is a pointless match isn't it
  7. ScottishInterista

    Happy birthday Rasha

    Since Devious seems to have fucked off for good i feel like someone needs to step up Happy Birthday Rasha anyway
  8. ScottishInterista

    Lazio - Inter (1 May 16)

    First match thread opening, the streak starts here Lazio vs Inter Win 17 15 Lost 15 17 Draw 19 19 Goals/game 1.37 1.33 Last 5 results Inter 1 - 2 Lazio Lazio 1 - 2 Inter Inter 2 - 2...
  9. ScottishInterista

    Christian Benitez

    Just heard about that he died under unkown circumstances. Shame he was so young and had just transferred clubs. R.I.P Benitez