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  1. Hasan

    Football in USA

    Guys here is a thing. I am in USA for next couple of months, I don't have a cable or football chanels on TV. Streams driving me crazy .... so is there any online site to pay and watch Europan football or just serie A? Thanks.
  2. Hasan

    Nikola Vlašić

    I just finished with reading of interesting article about super talented 16 yrs old Atacking midlefilder/winger from Hajduk Split's footbal school and I tought that would be interesting to share it. Boy is family project just like his sister Blanka Vlašić (injuries stoped her for a while) but...
  3. Hasan

    Euro Basket Slovenia 2013

    I can't believe there is no thread. Wera, Pajo ... shame on you! Who will win it? Spain, Greece, France, Litva, Slovenia ... No Nowitzki, no Gasol ...
  4. Hasan

    Plane tickets ...

    I know many of you traveling a lot so some of you probably knows the best ways to buy cheaper plane tickets. Some good websites, agencies etc. etc. I need 3 tickets from Salt Lake City to Zagreb next week so if someoe have some good idea, please help.
  5. Hasan


    In this dificult times for us I can't help myself to stop thinking what player could help us, why some good player would wana join us etc.etc. Than I noticed that there are super class players who are benched and happy. Some of them becoming nervous lately (Gomez, Song, Isla) but still ... In...
  6. Hasan

    Alen Halilović

    Last thread I opened in world of footbal was Jovetić in 2007, after couple Partizan's games at that time everyone could see that kid is briliant. Only our scouts trying now when value is over the moon. This boy from Dinamo Zagreb is huge talent. Twice as Jovetić at his age for sure. - ball...
  7. Hasan

    Forza Inter Prediction League 2012/2013 Week 7 (false)

    Europa legaue, 04.10. Neftci - Inter Serie A, 06.10. Chievo - Sampdoria Genoa - Palermo Serie A 07.10. Roma - Atalanta Catania - Parma Fiorentina - Bologna Pescara - Lazio Siena - Juventus Torino - Cagliari Milan - Inter Napoli - Udinese French league 07.10. Marselle - PSG Spanish legaue...
  8. Hasan

    Ex Yugoslavian leagues

    I know that is not intersting for most of members but we have a lot of members from this places and would be intersting to hear from the first hand how strong they domestic clubs are? "Big clubs" are: Partizan Belgrade, Red Star Belgrade from Serbia Dinamo Zagreb, Hajduk Split from Croati...
  9. Hasan

    Sniper rifle

    In military and law enforcement terminology, a sniper rifle is a precision-rifle used to ensure more accurate placement of bullets at longer ranges than other small arms. A typical sniper rifle is built for optimal levels of accuracy, fitted with a telescopic sight and chambered for a military...
  10. Hasan

    Stay or leave game

    In this hard times for all Inter fans I love to make my own puzzle who should stay and who should go, how to get some money for motivated players because this who are playing for Inter today aren't motivated enough or ... they aren't good enough. Goalkeepers 1 Julio Cesar, 1979 2...
  11. Hasan

    6 years

    Yerstarday was mine six years on a board. Thank you all for keeping this place interesting. I hope there will be at least new six years ...
  12. Hasan

    Carlos Tevez

    Just for guys who wanted Carlos Tevez thread. Who will close this? :D
  13. Hasan

    Crazy commentators

    Long time ago in ex Yugoslavian league we had radio stations to follow our favorite teams. And it's a real shame there is no saved audio or video material of their comments. From today's perspective they were unprofessional, they publicly had their favorite teams, they sworded in microphone etc...
  14. Hasan

    Traditional songs, clothing, dances...

    I am little older now and I wanna little more about other cultures and maybe best way to know that is to hear traditional songs, to see traditional dances, old dressing codes etc. I know that Internet gives huge number of information's but, like everywhere, best information's are from first...
  15. Hasan

    Happy b-day Zamat!

    Long time, no see. Where are you mate? Happy b-day and all the best.
  16. Hasan

    Animal is finally in jail

    First man accused for genocide after world war 2 is in jail after 13 years in escape. Very weird story about hiding, changing identity, about religion and politics. Reminds me about cult movie Godfather3. Guy was chief of genocide in Bosnia and after that he become some guru doctor Dragan...
  17. Hasan


    What happening with people? Hamed, Frisko, Jimmy, Han lately, Wittmann, Fabio, Pi, benny, helal etc. I really enjoyed in their beautiful work and I wanna apel on them to continue like that. I rarely see their posts lately and I don't like that. I am here for long time, I had never been big...
  18. Hasan

    Happy b-day kova9!

    We're getting old my friend, all the best.
  19. Hasan

    Happy birthday Darky!

    Enjoy in this year...
  20. Hasan

    Dražen Petrović

    15 years from his death... I never saw anything similar on basketball field, not even MJ23. UvTPx9rfT7U