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  1. Kato

    Il Vangelo Secondo Mourinho

    Mourinho quotes... will translate and add them as and when I can :) "On the field there are no youth or veterans, no Golden ball winners or new players.. There are none of these, on the field its just 11 players aganst another 11... And all are equal." - Jose Mourinho, February 2009. "Surely...
  2. Kato

    Inter Books

    Whilst I was in Milano, I picked up a few books.. If anybody is especially interested in any of them, i'll do my best to get them scanned/translated.. I got: Inter 18th Scudetto - Gazzetta - Lots of articles etc from this season.. Il Vangelo Secondo Mourinho - Book of quotes by/about Jose...
  3. Kato

    Milano 22-24 Maggio!!!

    What can I say, best weekend of my life by far. Got into Milano around 11am on the Saturday, pretty much headed straight to Duomo, which was already filling up.. Then took a trip to the stadium to see what was in the store and waste some time.. Ended up getting to Duomo properly around 3:30...
  4. Kato

    Away, again :)

    Going away on 27th to Italia for the new year.. Will be home late on the 1st/early 2nd and is very unlikely i'll have net access then. And until then i'll be around a fair amount, busy times ahead though :) Going here: and here...
  5. Kato

    Old School Photo's

    ever wondered what your friends, parents looked like at school.. well now they've all been archived in this class database lol, have a search its well good enjoy ;)
  6. Kato

    Champions League 2007/2008 Knockout phase

    Draw on Friday 21st.. Possible opponents Liverpool Arsenal Lyon Schalke Olympiakos CelticWho would you like to take on and why? Who would you like to avoid and also, why? For me i'd like to save Arsenal til we've recovered from the injuries, leave them to Milan for now :D Would be...
  7. Kato

    riposa in pace - gabriele sandri

    Pay ur respects etc.. Ciao Gabbo.. Brother to interisti, riposa in pace. any death is messed up, but things like this are tragic ACAB
  8. Kato

    milano for inter v atalanta

    going to milano on the 24th for inter v atalanta with tommi and some boys from york city ultras :D anyone else going to this game?! decided i needed an inter fix and couldn't wait til the derby ;)
  9. Kato

    Inter - Sheffield FC (8 Nov 07)

    Mancini, Moratti and a 'delegation' of players in Sheffield on Thursday.. £5 for adults.. most likely to be primavera, Adriano might even get a game :lol: still worth going up there for a fiver
  10. Kato

    Corfu '07.. pics etc

    Ok so i've been home for around 2 weeks now but not had full net access, problems with posting etc.. Had the best summer ever, by far. Though had some crazy moments along the way! I left England early morning on 3rd, arriving in Corfu at 10am.. got to the resort around lunchtime knowing I had...
  11. Kato

    Moving to Corfu

    Been thinking over this for a few weeks now.. Came back from Holiday to the craziest weather in England.. Just wanted to be back in the heat.. So i've given my leaving notice to my job, booked a one way flight to Greece.. Got an apartment sorted over there, all that's left is a job. Will...
  12. Kato

    holiday... again

    going to be away from the 11th - 26th.. doubt i'll be around much before i go due to work. corfu this time.. anyway, see u all in 2 weeks ish and when I get back it's time for a season ticket :boogy::D ciao
  13. Kato


    Away... AKA the Italian job part 2. Leaving for Bella Italia tonight.. Will be back on the 22nd with plenty of photos etc im sure. Going to see Inter v Lazio and Inter v Roma on thurs, with a bit of a round trip including Venezia and Roma.. So, ciao ciao.
  14. Kato

    Nerazzurri non Aussie or Canadian e fiero (and proud)

    fark the canadian thread.. and I'm not aussie - though u guys are funny.. for those who aren't into matching their accessories to their hair and outfit colour, this is the thread for you (that means canadians keep out) so.. guys.. TALK! and slag off canada freely.. they don't have summer...
  15. Kato

    Derby in the Curva Nord

    Milan vs Inter, Saturday 28th October. Frisk, Luca, Chris and I will be going to see this, Frisk and I in Curva Nord, Luca and Chris in Curva Sud (if they get tickets :lol:) We were pretty lucky to get tickets - thanks to Inter Club London! Should be a legendary trip, so there's bound to...
  16. Kato

    World Cup Tactics :lala: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: So, which are your faves?
  17. Kato

    Stupid posts

    Ok, so we have a thread for the great posts, but we're beginning to need one for the moronic elements of this forum! So to start off: So, lets add to this & have a bloody good laugh :lol:
  18. Kato

    Inter - Milan photos

    Got a lot of screencaps etc of the derby & thought it'd be better to have a thread for it rather than slowing down the match topic.. So post all the cool derby photos here :D Who knows what happened here?!
  19. Kato


    Wow, I didn't see this one coming :D :eek: Gotta say though mate, it suits u ;) Such a smooth mover :flirt:
  20. Kato

    English to foreign dictionary

    I've been noticing a few arguments brewing over people not understanding words/terms that most English speakers use constantly, this leading to arguments.. So, I thought i'd do a post of things like this with an explanation to their meanings ;) If u want anything adding, just give me a shout...