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    Canada Bein

    Does anyone have BeIn in Canada? 1) Are all Inter games available on it 2) How many channels in total Any additional info would be appreciated, I keep reading conflicting shit. Im really eager to waste 15 dollars/month on Mazzaris anti football.
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    Shitty Defending

    MAIN DEFENSIVE PROBLEM: SHIT 3-5-2 DEFENSIVE COVERING Every time I get ticked off and make a mistake (or my team) I always try to see what went wrong. I've always mentioned how we also fail to cover defense. Just got to watching game, and only needed 20-30 minutes to find the problem. This...
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    Fall of Individualism in Football - Rise of Tactical Systems

    Ik a lot of people disagree, but personally I think there is a huge decline of individual quality in football. People say it's only Serie A, because they have something to compare it too, but I think as a whole the great international football sides are declining. Ok Neymar is a good player...
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    Rating Widget

    Alright, so I'm pretty much a total noob so any explanation has to be slow. I want to create a rating widget/application for a website, where users can rate something, the widget compiles avgs, and so on, and later displays them. All I'm familiar is basic HTML/CSS and am slightly confused with...
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    Coaches vs. Tacticians / Leagues vs. Cup Tournaments

    Watching football all these years to me it's become apparent there's 2 types of managers: a coach and a tactician. To win a league you need a good coach, to win a cup you need a tactician.Some examples of good coaches: Klopp, Conte, Guardiola, Wenger, Mancini(dont shoot me). Some examples of...
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    Best Goalscorers

    I think the best estimation for a goalscorer's ability that we have so far is goals (no penalties)/minute of play. The rank of strikers (no penalties) based on this figure The main error with this calculation is obviously difference in service. Nevertheless it is a good indicator of quality...
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    Best Defences in Europe

    Best defences (overall as 11 players) is mainly a function of #1 amount of goals conceded #2 the possession. The more possession, the less your your amt of goals conceded counts. I used a formula in excel (too lazy to post) and came up with a rank of these 9 teams I chose. So best defences in...
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    Website Help

    Does anyone know a good domain provider that provides the service that hides your personal info for free? For most websites, it's ridiculous how much personal info you can get about the owner, by using And also how "safe" will the personal info be? Only govt subpoenas can get around it...
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    Interview with Nerazzuro

    Ok lets get this started :pedobear: (also could a mod put this in the proper thread section please, been having brainfarts left and right :trollol:) Name? Where do you live? What's your driver's license id? What's your social security number and/or bank pin? Have you ever milked a cow...
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    Bayern vs. Juve Tactics

    Ok, so I got a few minutes in between classes, and its time to start playing chess with these 2 teams. So we all know Kroos is gonna mark Pirlo. Pirlo is of course going to counteract that by moving forward out of Kroos' marking influence. That means it will leave Juve's back 3 exposed. Bayern...
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    Drivers in Serie A not my article of course :oblivious:. but this article talks about the 1-1 serie A roma game, and guarin's role. imo guarin is undertaking the same role boateng had...
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    Sarcastic Thread

    I love Branca
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    IIHF Hockey

    Does anyone follow the IIHF end of the year hockey games? GO CANADA! one? ....not even 1 person? ......:okay:
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    :palm: :palm: :palm: who the fuck was that....there was no one on twitter with their username
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    World XI

    World 11 team that no one can argue against Messi - Ronaldo Ozil Xavi Iniesta Pirlo Marcelo - Chielini - Thiago Silva - Lahm...
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    Proxy Servers

    Does anyone know any good proxy server websites? I aim to be anonymous in some stuff I want to is be doing, and was wondering if any of you could help out?
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    Hhhelloe a from glorios nayshun of Kazakhstan

    My name a Borat. I here to make a Kazakhstan glorius nayshun. We have wurlds fastest goat, and biggest beard on womun
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    Top 4 Positions when building a team

    Just interested to know what you guys think the most important 4 positions are. As in if you were to build a team, what would your priorities be. explain why... These are mine 1. Organizer/Deep Lying Playmaker - Holds everything together, nucleus of the team. i.e. Pirlo, xavi, sahin (*clears...
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    Inter counterattacking team?

    this is not my article btw. im not sure what the forum rules are hopefully i wont get banned or smn :confused: i waz lookin for some tactic analysis of old inter with mou. this guy says inter changed since him cuz they...