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  1. Il Muro

    Best defensive partnership you've seen at Inter?

    Following on from my previous thread. We've had quite a few different CB partnerships.I will just list the good ones, starting with the most recent. Samuel - Lucio - have done well so far. Lucio is technically more gifted and quicker while Samuel is more rugged and has a no nonsense style of...
  2. Il Muro

    Best strike partnership you've seen at Inter?

    Been lots of good, albeit short-lived ones. Here's a few that i remember: Ronaldo - Zamorano Ronaldo - Vieri Baggio - Vieri Recoba - Vieri Crespo - Vieri Adriano - Vieri Recoba - Adriano Adriano - Martins Ibra - Adriano Ibra - Crespo Ibra - Cruz and now Milito - Eto'o Ronaldo - Vieri was the...