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    Baby Girl

    Hello everyone in FIF, I just like to tell that my Fiance and I have new born baby girl Victoria. She was born on 25th of May at 19:11 after 36 hour in labor. Now we are really tired but I can tell its a great joy She is 3238 gram and 49 cm long Best Regards Vartan Epremian
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    Really need big help

    Well i am going to be in Milano the 28th of December and i have a hard time to find out how much does train ticket cost if i travel Between Milano - Bolzano
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    Hello i a going to Croatia at 9th of July until 16th. At that time i am going to be Zagreb and i did wonder if anyone could help me out specialy how much does Drinking Beer cost and were i can be at Zagreb, or if possible to meet some Inter fans From Zagreb so we could maybe catch a beer and...
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    New Facebook site for Danish Talking people Its something, and i am trying to post some news in Danish, " Translate it " from English. So if anyone who fresh to look at it, and Maybe give me some information about everything regarding Inter, an Article or transfer zone, anything that is about Inter...
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    Zdravko Kuzmanovic

    Well he is a Stuttgart player but inter is showing some interest and have just announced
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    I need a help if anyone is from Austria around here to give me some tip about Graz and Wien. On Monday i am going to travel there with my Geography students to see some sightseeing, we gonna be Wien from 13-15, then travel with the train to Graz. I just wanna know if anyone here knows around...
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    Nokia Lumia 900

    i have some problem i just bought Lumia 900 and i have a problem by connecting with my Usb cable, if anyone knows how to connect it to my windows 7, your more then welcome to help me out
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    Fiorentina - Inter (22 Apr 12)

    Serie A / Sun Apr 22 2012 12:30 / I am stil new to do new thread so i am a bit nowbi :)