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  1. Cro Nerazzurro

    Antonio Conte

    Nuno E. Santo, anyone?
  2. Cro Nerazzurro

    Achraf Hakimi

    I must be dream fullback arrives...
  3. Cro Nerazzurro

    FIF Oscars Hall of Fame

    2 that is, I forgot about I used to be Cro Oba Oba.
  4. Cro Nerazzurro

    FIF Oscars Hall of Fame

    I remember I had one! decade ago :) when I was actually very active here...unlike now, when I even have troubles loging in
  5. Cro Nerazzurro

    Inter - Tottenham (18 Sep 18) [2-1]

    we were bad. or better said; we were at our usual. not much recognizable style, not enough ideas, plans... I dont trust Spaletti enough, think we wont reach our best while consistency will be our biggest problem as usual. on a good side, it was ever so nice to beat those scum, in such way...
  6. Cro Nerazzurro

    Ivan Perišić

    perfect time to sell him and get good money for him. we should ask for Martial and kick our asses how lucky we are if Moronho says yes
  7. Cro Nerazzurro

    Mateo Kovačić

    Any serious rumors linking him with a return?
  8. Cro Nerazzurro

    Shkodran Mustafi

    Die hard AFC fan here. Koscielny is, of course, Arsenal's best CB. Mustafi is 2nd. Apparently Mustafi didnt really click with the teammates, even though I've never got thst impression at all. Something is 'fishy' here. Lots of rourmos flying around, so there must be some truth in all this, but...
  9. Cro Nerazzurro

    Stevan Jovetic

    Keep Jovetic. One of my favorites for a long time, but I've never seen anyone use him properly.
  10. Cro Nerazzurro

    Dalbert Henrique

    Release clauses are not allowed in France, so any quotes or news that mention anything about it: are false!
  11. Cro Nerazzurro

    Roberto Mancini

    There is GOD!!!! Was about fucking time! Fuck off you stupid piece of shit, I hope I'll never see ur face AGAIN!!! Finally I can wait for our games with joy! Scumbag mancini
  12. Cro Nerazzurro

    Inter Pre-season 2016/2017

    thank you mancini, you fucking shit
  13. Cro Nerazzurro

    Roberto Mancini

    Oh please god... Let it be true I want that scum OuT!!!!!
  14. Cro Nerazzurro

    Roberto Mancini

    worst coach on earth, in my opinion. Always has been. I puke a little in my mouth everytime I see him, or hear his name
  15. Cro Nerazzurro

    Inter - Fiorentina (27 Sep 15) [1-4]

    I cant think of anything to say about this match but 2-1... and I am trying... All day... 2-1
  16. Cro Nerazzurro

    Mateo Kovačić

    It better not happen. Fucking disgrace if we sell him.
  17. Cro Nerazzurro

    Stevan Jovetić

    Great price for a great player
  18. Cro Nerazzurro

    Mohamed Salah

  19. Cro Nerazzurro

    Ondrej Duda

    Add my 1000000 times too :) Huge mistake! Knowing Kovac's and Mancini's lack of knowledge I am affraid they might ruin diamond of a player Kovacic is
  20. Cro Nerazzurro

    Stevan Jovetić

    Great price great player British tabloid says liverpool is looking at him too