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  1. Interista Gallese

    HELP! The Radio Commentary of Robi Scarpini Online

    Help! Does anybody have the .pls file that you can use to listen to Robi Scarpini's commentary online? My hard drive failed and I had to have it replaced and now I've lost the file. If anyone has it could you send it to me via mp please.
  2. Interista Gallese

    Enzo Bearzot

    Enzo Bearzot sadly died yesterday after many years of poor health. He may not have been the most directly important figure in Inter's history but he was certainly a very important figure in Italian football, winning the world cup as coach in 1982, and helping the early careers of the likes of...
  3. Interista Gallese


    So the November internationals left Wales looking evermore retarded, Scotland making a fightback, France blowing hot and cold, England flattering to deceive, Ireland likewise, and Italy getting strong results than us sheepshaggers. How do you think the Six Nations will go? And perhaps most...
  4. Interista Gallese

    How do Inter rebuild?

    I don't think I'm the only one who believes that Inter are now in severe crisis with very little on the horizon but we should use this productively. I hate to say it but we probably were the weakest squad to win the Champions League in many years and to a certain extent we were carried by the...
  5. Interista Gallese

    The Relative Merits of Italian/English/German/Spanish/Zimbabwean Leagues

    Just to divert the discussion from Genoa - Inter to here.
  6. Interista Gallese

    Flags Under User Names

    How are people getting those flags under the user name? If I can get it I would like a Wales one (NOT BRITISH). If that's impossible I'd prefer an Italian one. Here is a Welsh flag in case anyone needs to reference it
  7. Interista Gallese

    Italian Serie B 2010/2011

    Surely its time this thread was started? Padova - Cittadella at the moment, good quality derby, you wouldn't think Cittadella are in the relegation zone. 1-1 Piovaccari for Cittadella after an error by the Padova goalkeeper, Succi with a header from a corner for Padova in injury time before the...
  8. Interista Gallese

    Season Ticket Sales - Still Open?

    Anyone know if the season ticket is still open? Its still being advertised on Have decided to buy one if it is even if its the three-year-option which the ad seems to be publicising?
  9. Interista Gallese

    Why won't load?

    Been having problems with for weeks. Anyone else having the same issue? Can never get on.
  10. Interista Gallese

    Anyone know why the Inter internet radio won't work?

    Hasn't been working for a few weeks?
  11. Interista Gallese

    Tessera del Tifoso Protests

    Can anyone explain why the Ultra' are so opposed to the tessera del tifoso. I understand the anti-constitutional argument but to be honest does it really matter that much whether people have a fan card or not? The only reason I can find for anyone to be dead against it is that it will register...
  12. Interista Gallese


    Anyone know if these are only for Champions League weekends as am trying to book a trip?
  13. Interista Gallese

    Anyone Tell Me About Where Money For Match Tickets Goes?

    Next week Shamrock Rovers from Dublin will play I Gobbi in the Europa League. I'm thinking of going, primarily to shout abuse in Italiano, but can anyone tell me where the money for the match ticket goes? I will only go in the home (Shamrock) end so would any money end up in the hands of the...
  14. Interista Gallese

    UEFA Europa League 2010/2011

    I'm worried for the third qualifying round of the Europa League. If Shamrock Rovers (Dublin) beat Bnei Yehuda (Israel) next week then Juve must come to Ireland. Poor Dublin, it already has enough problems with its own peasants without needing more, especially not hunchbacked ones.
  15. Interista Gallese

    3rd/4th Place Play-Off: Uruguay - Germany

    Come on Uruguay
  16. Interista Gallese

    Milito - Motta case?

    This has probably been put up elsewhere but apparently Preziosi helped to persuade Motta and Milito to join Inter. Subsequently there is a danger our scudetto could be taken away and both players contracts annulled. Its all here for anyone who wants to read it though not sure what truth is in...
  17. Interista Gallese

    Anyone Know Which TV Station Will Have The Party In Piazza Del Duomo Today?

    And if it can be watched online? Presumably 90° Minuto will have some of it but there is a channel which shows it all. Assuming we do it...
  18. Interista Gallese

    Help - Airlines

    I'm going to Milan this weekend and hopefully stand a fighting chance of getting there. However the forecasts are saying problems could be back on Monday when I come home. I'm going with Easyjet but coming back with Ryanair. If my Ryanair flight is cancelled do they have to pay my expenses...
  19. Interista Gallese

    Inter - Chievo Spare Ticket At Face Value Only For Sale

    I have a spare ticket for Inter v Chievo for sale at face value only. Anyone who is interested please pm me.
  20. Interista Gallese

    FI Milano Travel Group

    OK, so for those who maybe don't have 1000s to spend on going to Madrid how many would be interested in going to Milano to find a bar then head to the party if we win afterwards? DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be in competition with the Bernarbeu group merely in supplement. DISCLAIMER 2...