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  1. Suneet

    Sunny's Transfer Track (Summer 2012)

    Everyone is doing their short review on our transfer market this summer. So I thought let me try and share mine and start up (good) debates. First things first, lets start with the Finances of this summer and how our wages + transfer fees look like as of 1 Sep. Some of you might not agree with...
  2. Suneet


    :yuno: I'm not back, but I'm just going to be the elderly statesman here from now on. The annoying uncle type. And Hal, what is the procedure to ask the wife to let you have 30mins of FIF time daily?
  3. Suneet

    I hope Branca reads this

    After the Gaspnightmare, I need to vent. I'm still not able to come to terms with someone who said that the 3 man defence is not the only solution 3 months ago had become so adamant on playing it. I'm not able to come to terms over how Milito started all these games and how even novice coaches...
  4. Suneet

    Its my FI birthday!

    5 years today at FI. Its been a super fun ride and I just want to thank you (most of you) for being nice and making my daily run of the mill life a little bit special with your jokes, and for sharing the same passion for Inter always. I promise more quality as I want to drive the quality of the...
  5. Suneet

    FI needs some Epic Lulz

    Can we get blackmore to come to Dubai? Participants: ------------- Suneet Bajaj, blackmore.inter Messages: --------- blackmore.inter: mm confirms eto didnt ask for raise blackmore.inter: how much would lavezzi cost? blackmore.inter: de laurentis wouldnt let him go cheap right? blackmore.inter...
  6. Suneet

    Web Site template

    I need a free web design template for my business. 5 pages with white background. Where can I get it from? Any of you designers here, can you help?
  7. Suneet

    My dearest Presidente

    Dear Presidente, There is no hate or anger in what I'm going to say, I swear on my J.Zanetti replica of 22 May 2010. I'm writing this as a dissapointed Interista. I have watched Inter since 93-94 and more seriously and religiously since Hector Cuper arrived. I have shared the pain and sorrow...
  8. Suneet

    Forza Inter presents Last day Mercato Mayhem thread!

    Dear FIF members, Stefano has given me the honor of opening this thread. Discussing whatever happens tomorrow in the transfer market in every league in any other thread would be :palm: :D So the countdown begins, 90mins till the last day starts. Which deals do you guys think will go through...
  9. Suneet


    Since now we have such a big community... I'm going to shoot in the dark. Anyone here deal in car tyres, the stock Bridgestone on my Infiniti is not going to last long and before it gets hotter in Dubai I want to change them. Usually I would just go to Bridgestone and get the same, but now I...
  10. Suneet

    Forza Inter Prediction League 2010/2011 Week 14

    Serie a Saturday 27 Nov 2010 18:00 Sampdoria - Milan 20:45 Juventus - Fiorentina Sunday 28 Nov 2010 12:30 Inter - Parma 15:00 Bari - Cesena 15:00 Bologna - Chievo 15:00 Brescia - Genoa 15:00 Cagliari - Lecce 15:00 Lazio - Catania 15:00 Udinese - Napoli 20:45 Palermo - Roma...
  11. Suneet

    10000 posts now!

    Thank me guys for enlightening you with 10000 of my posts.:D Its been a pleasure being here and my day/life is incomplete without posting here. Some of you dont really like me, but I know there is respect and that is mutual. Anything else wont just make sense so here it goes, Thank you!!
  12. Suneet

    Fuerza Mineros

    Dear Friends, Today is the day that we should salute those 33 miners who have fought the most difficult battle ever, with their minds. 69 days, young and old, missing home, no proper food, heat, negative thoughts, health issues. Most people would have broken down, but these guys fought to live...
  13. Suneet

    Get well soon Besnik

    So our dear mod has had a bike accident and nearly lost his eye, but is now recovering well in the hospital. He says he's fine and he cant live without FI so he's coaxed the doctors to let them use their pc for a bit. All of you wish him a get well soon!!
  14. Suneet

    The European CL Curse

    Dedicated to my friend Han, with whom millions of Interisti have struggled during the dark times. This convo happens just before the start of tonights game..... as they say,the rest is history. What a night and this is the thread where I celebrate. Handoyo Sudarga: Forza Suneet *IN* *AE* ...
  15. Suneet

    Roma - Inter (27 Mar 10)

    Alright this game can either set us free to rampage in Europe or make us pray a lot harder. Any predictions?:P
  16. Suneet

    Special1TV My dear friends, this is episode 2 of the second coming of I'm on Setanta Sports. Be champions. PS, I havent ever laughed so hard.
  17. Suneet

    Alen Stevanovic and google search says we've signed a 18 yr old Serbian second striker... Anyone who has watched him play??
  18. Suneet

    Poster of the month: February

    Alright, its time for the monthly award thread. We mods have decided on the 3 names. Please everybody vote and tell us who do you think has been posting exceptionally well in the 29 days of last month. EDIT: I forgot to put the poll:dielaugh:. Please somemod add a poll with the 3 nominees...
  19. Suneet

    Poster of the month: January

    The mods of FI (more specifically, me:D) have decided to recognize the quality of posts some of our members are making. From this year onwards we will award one of our valued members each month. Everybody is free to use The Great posts thread or any other way (PMing me,MSN etc) to recommend...
  20. Suneet

    Inter - Juventus (Coppa Italia) (23 Jan 08)

    I just cant believe nobody cares about this game. This is THE biggest game of the month. The 2nd leg will come a day before my birthday. I want to win this game at all costs, I think Ibra said recently we didnt give our best on Nov. 4. He should be fired up for this. FORZA INTER!!!