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    Romelu Lukaku

    I saw the pic in a WhatsApp group and my reaction straight away was that's not Lukaku, he looks different. And now Lukaku confirms and says that's not him.
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    Samir Handanovic

    100% this
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    General Primavera Discussion

    Barca's youth play against men, so that alone raises your level at least physically.
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    Udinese - Inter (18 Sep 22) [3-1]

    We need to watch out for Beto's pace. He'll cause us problems if we push too high.
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    Ivan Perišić

    Just saw Spurs lineup and he's playing RWB today. I'm soo gutted because that's what we should've done since last January.
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    2022/2023 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    I've watched Lecce on few occasions and their captain who was linked with us is actually having a really good start. I've actually been impressed with him so far.
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    General Primavera Discussion

    For those who were arguing that having our prospects playing in Serie C isn't worthwhile etc. What do you think about the fact that the likes of Fagioli and Miretti playing for Juve in Serie A now? Clearly playing against men instead of Kids helped in their development. This is why I'm for...
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    Romelu Lukaku

    With us paying 10m as a loan fee, I don't think such clause will be there. I'd even say it's impossible for this clause to exist in his current deal with us.
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    I'd like for a revoting of LGI players who have been voted in or out a decade ago. I respect the reasons of those who voted then (for or against), but as majority of them aren't around here anymore, shouldn't the LGI / Former players section represent the thoughts of the people who participate...
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    Player Suggestions

    I still don't understand why West Ham let go of Vlasic on loan but if he's available for cheap next year I'll want us to go after him.
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    Players & Coaches Contracts

    Compared to last season, How much have we reduced out salary expenses? Also how does this translate to the new ffp rule where we need to spend 90% Of the club’s income? I think last season we were over our income by 35%.
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    2022/2023 Defenders Rumours Thread

    It's probably management want to sign Akanji and sell Skriniar, meanwhile Inzaghi wants to keep Skriniar and bring in Acerbi on loan.
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    Mauro Icardi

    I don't remember Haller pressing on the few occasions I watched Ajax in CL last season.
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    Ionuț Andrei Radu

    I don't understand how can Radu be used as an example of fanbase not being patient with youngsters. He's not a youth player, he's the same age as Barella, we don't think Barella is still a youth player so why would Radu be one? I'm happy to see Pirola make mistake after mistake if it means we...