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    Prediction League 2019/2020, Matchday 05

    Hellas 0-0 Udinese Brescia 0-2 Juventus Roma 1-1 Atalanta Fiorentina 2-1 Sampdoria SPAL 2-0 Leece Inter 2-0 Lazio ( Lukaku 2) Napoli 4-0 Cagliari Parma 1-2 Sassuolo Genoa 1-1 Bologna Torino 0-1 Milan
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    Inter Femminile

    Hope the girls do well. Won today then. I must admit i have not seen any of their matches. I bet the standard is as good as it has ever been.
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    Enjoyed the games today. Ireland have a great chance. Italy did what they had to do against the weakest team tbh. England too.
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    Happy birthday .h.E.N.E.R.Y

    Happy Birthday
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    English Premier League 2019/2020

    Tottenham, Chelsea and United are very dodgy at the moment. There could be a surprise in the top 4 at the end of the season.
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    Inter - Lazio (25 Sep 19) [1-0]

    Got to expect another win. i will go for 2-0. Cannot wait.
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    Milan - Inter (21 Sep 19) [0-2]

    The difference between the 2 teams is even bigger than i thought before todays match. We are going to go head to head with Juve. Them lot with Giampaolo in charge look as though they will struggle to score never mind challenge to win anything. I am feeling rather content tonight.
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    Romelu Lukaku

    Cannot believe i am saying this but, He is growing on me. Scoring against that lot will always help his cause.
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    Yeah. I love my Rugby. International and Club. I think New Zealand or Ireland will win it. Japan will excite.
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    English Premier League 2019/2020

    City will get loads of big scores again this season. They will score the most goals by a long way. Only this time they will not win the title, Liverpool will. Do not know what is wrong with Tottenham.
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    Milan - Inter (21 Sep 19) [0-2]

    EASY EASY EASY. Get in. We really do have a chance of winning something this season.
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    Inter Jerseys

    I really like the black kit. Was not happy about wearing it in the CL match the other night though. As much as i like it i must admit i will not be getting it. Mrs will start moaning if i get another one.
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    UEFA Champions League 2019/2020

    I think Liverpool have a great chance of winning it again. They lost all their away group games last year and look what happened. If not them it will probably be a Spanish team that wins it.
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    A call to a less toxic environment

    This seems a good forum to me. Not ott with insults.
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    Inter - Slavia Prague (17 Sep 19) [1-1]

    Was always going to be a hard group. Even more so now. But who knows this could end up a vital point in the end. Taking the CL as it comes anyway. I want and expect us to do better in the league.