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    Edin Džeko

    Come on MLS .... You are our only hope :) Or he goes to AC Milan next season :)
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    Alexis Sanchez

    Chile is trying to sue to get into the WC like little B itches :) Maybe he will use that to force a move out without us paying him :)
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    Ivan Perišić

    feel the Chelsea rumors are just so he gets the $$$ he is asking for. He is too old for that club. Plus the amount of money they dropped on that side of the field. They won't be able to dump those players/
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    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    I mean Juve won it a bunch... by cheating and refs giving them points.... Milan with a super shit roster of rejects is champion... sucks for us because even if they tie and we win. Being 1st in just about everything still lose the title because they have a better 1 v 1 against us. I think we...
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    Bologna - Inter (27 Apr 22) [2-1]

    Radu... agent goes not fair my client never plays :) Then his client cost us the league...
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    2022 World Cup Qatar

    We already have 1/2 the team make it :). Only teams 10 and 4.5 go. I don't get why they don't go against North America instead of Asia. I would say we have too many spots but South America + all the americas should qualify together especially now that US/Canada don't completely suck. Give the...
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    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    Would be hilarious if Milan shits their pants the last game :) Same with Man City :) Who I am hoping for next week
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    2022 World Cup Qatar

    Again… only way Italy can come is in place for Ukraine or Russia. But still needs to qualify. Letting Egypt, Italy, Chile…. Is just picking who you want to attend
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    2022 World Cup Qatar

    It doesn’t make sense not the same federation. I think South America plays Asia. Both teams are from there. Wtf add a euro team? Italy lost to macedonia!!! Come on they don’t deserve to go to the WC It’s not like Portugal had knocked them out or holland If Italy had any shot maybe it’s to...
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    The bullshit thread

    Wife’s been watching the Johnny Deep vs Amber Turd thing….. I mean not even women are on that chicks side. Haha who poops the bed by as a joke!!! Also man did that girl age badly I was like wtf is that old woman. My gf was like she was Aquaman a gf!! No fking way she looks like utter shit
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    The cost of living in your country

    That’s how Boston was I had a $3k apartment with 4 friends wasn’t even the nicest area. Your friends move in with their gf or move out of state to be near family or gf then it’s like wtf am I paying 1k a month to live in a shithole to be near 5 bars. (Pussy is free when you live that close to...
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    2022 World Cup Qatar

    Ecuador has 26 points Peru 24 Colombia 23 Chile 19 chile tied and lost. So 5 points lost just seems insane for chile to leap frog 3 teams. Also the Italy is best fifa rated team to not make it so maybe they will be in instead of Iran or Ecuador just seems like fifa adding the teams they want...
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    Player Suggestions

    He is going to west ham potentially. Think they want him to retire from the NT which I don’t think he will be called our best players are wingers and he just doesn’t make sense in a system where you play fast wingers. I think he will want to Start where he goes and that won’t be here. Unless...
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    2022 World Cup Qatar

    Yea the brother was 7 years older just odd they both had the same first name haha that’s why it sounds sketchy. Either way just nationalize the guy or go hey you can’t go to the WC. Or ban him like they did Cardona of Colombia for doing the Asian eye gesture in a friendly against korea His...
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    2022 World Cup Qatar

    Like it’s just odd because they are like well he played in games you guys won 14 points. You’d be in last place …. Chile was so far away from you guys to qualify by lawyers makes no sense. Also how would punishing the player work? He can’t play at the WC? If he isn’t Ecuadorian why don’t they...