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    Romelu Lukaku

    Brehme on suicide watch. But he still doesn't do it in the big games
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    Nicolò Barella

    Won't Borja start now anyway? We don't have Barella, Sensi or Gagliardini. Who else do we have for a 3 man midfield? Brozovic, Vecino and Borja. Even Asamoah is injured who could have filled in for Barella on the defensive part in the midfield. Only one left is Agoume who's a kid.
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    Nicolò Barella

    This is the end of the title run right here boys.
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    Torino - Inter (23 Nov 19) [0-3]

    "We were playing well, and then it started to rain." -Walter Mazzarri
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    Inter - Juventus (6 Oct 19) [1-2]

    The second we lost Sensi for fucking Vecino I had lost hope for the game... and unfortunately my feelings were confirmed.
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    Matias Vecino

    Almost single handedly lost us the game.
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    Samir Handanovic

    Probably because Donnarumma is 15 years younger. Handanovic started playing in Serie A whilst Donnarumma was starting primary school.
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    New Stadium

    Nice username.
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    New Stadium

    Could someone grab a few more screenshots from the video? It's too long to watch and I'm not home atm to skim through it.
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    Samir Handanovic

    Very well said. It's great that the players' standards are higher now and that they're not getting carried away with the results. This is one of the reasons that I really really really hope we could win the title this season. For me personally, I don't mind if we don't win it this season and...
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    Danilo D'Ambrosio

    The goal is better than what it looks like if you pay attention to the replay. It's a proper striker's run the way he fools his marker by running wide and quickly changing angle as soon as the defender is focused on the ball. Reminds me a lot of a couple of Icardi's headers.
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    Samir Handanovic

    If this man is not in LGI by the end of the season I'm leaving FIF and reporting the mods to the UN.
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    Inter - Lazio (25 Sep 19) [1-0]

    RuBe are going to put on the game of their lives knowing that Pajo is in the stands.
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    New Stadium

    Well, it looks very unique if nothing else. Are we still going to share the new stadium with Milan?
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    Milan - Inter (21 Sep 19) [0-2]

    They gave Godin a 6 whilst Lukaku, Brozovic and Politano get a 7? And both De Vrij and Skriniar get 6.5? What kind of absolute bullshit is this.