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    The Suning Commerce Group

    that valuation includes the debt
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    Inter - Bologna (18 Sep 21) [6-1]

    i especially miss the spanish language broadcast, which was waaaaay better the the english one both compared to last' year's ESPN and this year's (which is not bad, but not very exciting). there was also supposed to be italian language broadcsast, but so far i haven't seen any.
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    Inter - Bologna (18 Sep 21) [6-1]

    third this year already. one clear penalty not given per game.
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    Inter - Bologna (18 Sep 21) [6-1]

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    Campioni d'Italia 2020/2021

    Congratulazioni a tutti, campioni!!!! Forza Inter. Sempre.
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    New Inter Logo

    why would they deliberately put it upside down?
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    2019/2020 Forwards Rumours Thread

    because it is a way to cheat ffp. - - - Updated - - - what about Chalov, from CSKA? young, good, cheap, fits conte's mold for forward
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    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    handanovic padelli skriniar devrij godin d'ambrosio ranocchia bastoni lazaro barella brozovic SMS/VDB kostic candreva gagliardini sensi vecino asamoah lautaro lukaku politano dzeko
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    Edin Dzeko

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    2019/2020 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    do it yesterday.
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co), Mercato Strategies, The Future & The Past

    hopefully we have the same policy. i want no part of dzeko
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    PSV - Inter (3 Oct 18) [1-2]

    yes, but it's better than NOT flying out with the team :)
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    Inter Jerseys

    you actually like it? IMO, if the vomit stains weren't there it would be ok. as is, they might as well incorporate the "" aquamark exactly as shown in the pic above. they belong just as much.
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    Inter Jerseys

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    Gabriel 'Gabigol' Barbosa

    he will have to go out on loan again, ideally to a low serie A team, where he gets playing time there are zero minutes for him here. the best would be to sell him at no loss, and if he then explodes, good for him and whoever buys him. we just need to cut our losses.