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    Diego Simeone

    maybe he's just lacking motivation after two crushing Champions League finals defeats in 3 years... but i'd like to see him at Inter regardless WTF happen to my TRUMP PIC... FUCK THIS PEOPLE!
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    Stevan Jovetic

    I was told frank de boer recommended to the club to sell several players the list included JOJO
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    DONALD TRUMP - The new President of USA

    Emails of hillary that the FBI claimed it reviewed... 650,000 Emails in Eight Days found nothing... that did it for sum... Trump Deserved he's Grandisimo Win
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    Frank de Boer

    good point frankie lost the players confidence... they didn't care what he said and played as individuals not as a team
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    Marcelo Brozović

    Brozo is one of those players who either wants to win or doesn't care at all... I like him to stay but needs to change that attitude
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    Stefano Pioli

    yes from the start... but during the end was getting very boring with he's ridiculous tactics and statements
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    Stefano Pioli

    Welcome Pioli... hope your stay is longer than Frank DeBoring
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    Inter - Crotone (6 Nov 16) [3-0]

    Icardi MOTM... from nowhere he turns the matches gotta love him even when he's invisible he scores/wins matches for us
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    Milan - Inter (20 Nov 16)

    This season is a complete disaster... only thing that can give some satisfaction is to beat bilan
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    Inter - Crotone (6 Nov 16) [3-0]

    poor match or not... i'll take a win any day... Forza Inter
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    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    They chose Pioli... because their main objective is to hire "Diego Simeone" simple as that.
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    Inter - Crotone (6 Nov 16) [3-0]

    Wouldn't it be surprising... if nagatomo scores again
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    Inter - Crotone (6 Nov 16) [3-0]

    I'm being sarcastic think the majority here are same... disgusted with how bad our players are against the weakest teams can't even get a result What hope do we have against the other big teams... seriously if you look at the teams we have lined up against us we are in danger of relegation
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    Inter - Crotone (6 Nov 16) [3-0]

    We deserve to lose this match and get relegated... Dudes look at how many mediocre players we have compared to other teams Inter have several need to go away asap
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    Inter - Crotone (6 Nov 16) [3-0]

    if Naga & Co players play will win for sure... and our promotion to serie-b will have a long lasting effect I don't think any viable coach will come and coach us then