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    HELP! The Radio Commentary of Robi Scarpini Online

    Help! Does anybody have the .pls file that you can use to listen to Robi Scarpini's commentary online? My hard drive failed and I had to have it replaced and now I've lost the file. If anyone has it could you send it to me via mp please.
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    RIP Giacinto Facchetti

    I read it but I don't pay for it cos there's a website where... *cough* ahem, I have a friend who reads it but doesn't pay for it cos he knows a website where... I wouldn't do anything illegal like download free stuff! :lol:
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    RIP Giacinto Facchetti

    Guys, I have my issues with this forum as some of you know but I think some things are more important than personal difference. There is a campaign of protest amongst the Italian-speaking internet-population of Interisti. Amongst the things involved in the protest are: 1. Moratti has said he...
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    Inter Jerseys 2011/2012

    Looks decent but would look better if you talked about it on a real forum instead of this fanboys' one lol.
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    Yuto Nagatomo

    Hearing the news from Japan everything else pales into insignificance. I, for personal reasons, choose not to frequent this site anymore but I just wanted to say I hope any users in Japan, and their families are safe, and naturally the same for Yuto. The world owes it to Japan, and all the other...
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    NFL (American Football)

    To keep it NFL I think the Packers will beat Philadelphia on Sunday.
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    Forza Inter Prediction Leaguea 2010/2011 Week 19

    Serie a Sunday 9 January 2011 12:30 Samp 1-1 Roma 15:00 Bari 1-1 Bologna 15:00 Catania 1-1 Inter (Sneijder):star: 15:00 Cesena 2-1 Genoa 15:00 Chievo 1-1 Palermo 15:00 Fiorentina 2-1 Brescia 15:00 Lazio 2-0 Lecce 15:00 Milan 2-1 Udinese 15:00 Parma 1-1 Cagliari 20:45 Napoli 2-2 Juve Coppa...
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    Forza Inter Prediction Leaguea 2010/2011 Week 18

    Serie a Thursday 6 January 2011 12:30 Juve 1-0 Parma 15:00 Bologna 1-2 Fiorentina 15:00 Brescia 1-1 Cesena 15:00 Cagliari 2-3 Milan 15:00 Genoa 1-2 Lazio 15:00 Lecce 2-1 Bari 15:00 Palermo 1-0 Samp 15:00 Roma 2-1 Catania 15:00 Udinese 2-1 Chievo...
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    NFL (American Football)

    LMFAO, you don't get it do you. We're dense and yet you've gotten so upset over what we've already said was a wind-up as to go on a rampage trying to insult us, which didn't work incidentally :D. With regards the thing with Blackmore, I don't see what that evidences, I am Welsh but have a very...
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    Need help with a voting competition!

    Sorry missed your message, as the others said I don't think anyone deliberately ignored it, enjoy!
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    NFL (American Football)

    No-one ever told me about this type of NFL, much better!
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    NFL (American Football)

    Winding-up? No, never! I genuinely am offended that New Jersey Giants refer to themselves as being from New York after only a week watching NFL.
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    NFL (American Football)

    New York Giants and Jets, as I see it, have no links anymore to New York which is why I suggest its fraudulent calling themselves NY. Everyone knows NY is more marketable than NJ. Its just a shame they choose to go the money rather than the identity route.
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    NFL (American Football)

    Great, vito should use it as his avatar! :D