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    Video Games

    so... i've been out of the loop for a month or so, how's Bloodborne?
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    totally slept through Cena's match. Rock & Rousey was awesome though :D
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    Video Games

    Kato knows as much as you guys, niente ;) and after 100 hours, i'm still playing Dragon Age... also still unsure of how much I like it. 8 more days til The Order 1886, hoping it's good, I need something to pull me back into games again.
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    Video Games

    also own the game but never get chance to play it.. and got a little bored of it pretty fast
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    CRO COP!
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    Video Games

    Thanks guys :) and apologies for the constant absence, been working 6-7 days per week for over 6 months now - no free time at all. Ronin - i'm just working in QA testing, thought about working towards development as an environment artist but ended up spending a few weeks working under a...
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    Video Games

    Dragon age is worth it.. and.. this is a little bit late buttttt GTAV credits, pretty damn cool moment :D
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    Inter pubs in London
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    Video Games

    what even....?
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    Video Games

    yeh, they email the code to you and you enter it in the voucher section on the console, so as long as the region matches it's fine
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    Video Games just buy the card from here?
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    Video Games

    ;) ........................
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    Forza Inter picture album

    pimpin aint easy
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    Video Games

    Wolfenstein, bitches XD Guess we'll see some actual decent NG news at e3 anyway.. everything I was looking forward to so far has been delayed.
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    World Cup 2014 - Panini Online Sticker Album