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    Famous Interisti

    I realize I'm responding to a 13-year-old post but this thread got me looking online at some shit...if Gisele Bündchen is an Inter supporter, than can we please get Tom Brady to start wearing Inter shit/colors as well? That would be the best possible marketing Inter could get in the United States.
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    South American Leagues

    Not sure I can arse myself into Argentine league football but I definitely don't mind watching some Brazilian games. I was busy today but did kinda/sorta watch that ATM/Corinthians game. Saw Palmeiras/Internacional before that...I have an internet friend from Porto Alegre, big Gremio fan, and...
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    Steven Zhang

    In the same vein of "it's not Steven's fault", I get disappointed every time I see him in the box at games because it still means Suning is involved in the club. I hate it for Steven's sake if he truly has grown to love the club but the sooner his father is out of the club - and, by extension...
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    Arturo Vidal

    I think clauses like that are very common in MLB, actually, where either there's a team option to extend the contract another year at X salary, or you pay a small buyout instead for not picking up the option.
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    You think that's an Italian exclusive thing? Countries everywhere do that. Shit, there have been and are so many USMNT players trying to be claimed by the US and called American despite barely having, or never at all, lived in the country. I might be half-Hungarian through my father, but I've...
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    Paulo Dybala

    I love how this tweet gives you three cunts for the price of one.
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    Gleison Bremer

    Brazil is full of people with European ancestry.
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    Alessandro Bastoni

    We can all hope that but the larger probability right now suggests Suning gutting us like a carcass by vultures before they finally set us free.
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    Alessandro Bastoni

    Can you blame him? He can want to stay all he wants, but if your employer is hell-bent on wanting to sell you anyway, I know at a certain point I'd tell them to fuck off and sell me too. Why would he want to work for people who clearly don't value him as anything other than €€€'s in their eyes?
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    Mateo Kovačić

    Get that really weird neck tattoo. But nobody ever accused someone running with the branding of "Epic Brozo" of ever having had his head screwed on straight to begin with.
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    Inter's Financial Situation

    I mean this in the absolute kindest way possible -- it's easy to have optimism over a situation that you have no stake in, because those aren't your hopes that are at risk for getting dashed if they don't work out. We all hope to hell your right that a) somebody comes to save us and b) Suning...
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    Achraf Hakimi

    Even if it is totally impossible, I'd be thrilled to take him back on loan as a placeholder until eventually Real Madrid comes calling again. Not surprised to hear about this, though. Hasn't there always been talk of a Brazilian clique inside the PSG dressing room?
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    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    That reads like a satire or, perhaps more generously, a serious mistranslation. "Not a serious club"? I'm having an extremely hard time thinking Lewa would actually say that.
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    Lautaro Martinez

    It appears that, maybe, we've successfully moved away from the possibility of getting kicked squarely in the nuts by someone wearing metal-tipped shoes, and maybe instead of getting kicked squarely in the nuts by someone with rubber-tipped shoes. Who knows, maybe that's moderately less painful...
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    Alessandro Bastoni

    I won't begrudge Bastoni whether he does end up leaving or not, be it for Spurs or any other club (though fucking Spurs would suck for its own obvious reasons because I'm fucking tired of everything in recent years that makes Spurs look like a bigger club than we are, not the least of which...